New universe and new paintings. Today's menu is about Eden.

Eden is a French skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic universe. The game has a solid community in France, and i think it is starting to be known outside, thanks to its great ruleset.

When the game hit the stores, i was not hooked because the miniatures were not so great and more importantly the first factions had a uniforme (black mutants, BDSM women, Clowns etc), which does not work for me in such a universe.

Nevertheless, i had bought 2 miniatures just to have some fun with them since they were obviously inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn. Then i've bought 3 others along the years when i visited a hobby store in some place of the world, and kept them stored, like a snack for hard days to come.

So Bogdana and Yuri were my first paintings for Eden, quite some years ago.





Many years later, i had the opportunity in my gaming club to try the game. Even if i was seduced, i did not go further on this path.

Until recently when enthusiast gamers decided to organise a tournament to motivate beginners. Always ready to be a part of a cool event, i've tried the game again, and definitely liked it. Even if it is quite a competitive and very tactic game, the rules are dead simple and show the violence and foolishness of this ruined world very well. We've had a blast playing and laughed a lot, which is extremely important to me.

So this week i started to paint my 3 remaining miniatures to be able to play on the tournament. It's tomorrow, i've just finished, i've played 3 time, everything is all right ^^

Here are the 3 painted fighters. They were slightly customised to remove little bells and clownesque decorations they featured on their clothes to show they were members of the Joker clan. In my vision of the game, there is only one Joker, and he's the leader of this band of goons trying to survive.


The weathering of the barrel was made with some black dry pigments i've bought at a wind mill near Amsterdam. There you can see the whole mecanic working, the stones waiting to be transformed , etc... Silly, but it makes me happy.





Then the abyssal lower level of miniature production with Anton. I love the concept, but quality wise, it's not up to the task. Even back in 1990 minis had ears on their faces (well, when they were supposed to!). The lack of shoes is not a sculpting issue though, he's indeed wearing some leggings/pyjamas.



Although i did not want some uniform, Anton has a beltbuckle with a smiley sculpted i prefered not to try to remove. So i thought maybe he could show his allegiance to his Joker leader with a tag on its garbage-found coat. In a world in ruin, each individual does what he can to be unique..



And finally Nicholaï. The most recent mini of the group, which you can tell. Much more details, far better casting, i'm glad i finished with him instead of the others. i had fun painting it. I've tried to make him look as odd as possible with his clothes, to make him look like some hobbo, but i had to restrain myself on colours to make sure he does not end up looking like ... A clown. I even gave him 2 different shoes, but maybe it was a mistake, i feel like the brown one disappears in the base.






Here they are. A 100 points Joker Gang.


Fun fact: nobody on this picture has laces on his shoes. Maybe the knownledge about knotting the laces has been lost during the Apocalypse. Or maybe the sculptor, Mohand, thinks it's boring to sculpt. Still funny.

All in all, even if they are mostly old miniatures with very variable quality, i must say i had a great time painting them. They are quite characterfull.

A game that deserve to be given a try anyway. Smart, fast, fun and even cheap.