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30 mai 2018

Warzone: the good ol' Angel of Mercy

Today some quick little message about painting.


The Angel of Mercy is a good old Nepharite from the depths of the old original Warzone game. He's a Nepharite (meaning a nasty demon leading armies) and a great sculpt from this era (and contrary to old Games Workshop stuff, there is not that many Warzone original sculpt i do like).

Back in the days, just like Games Workshop, Warzone received several campaign box. Filled with cardboard scenery (which you had to cut it out yourself!!), narrative scenarios and generaly one or two exclusive miniatures.



The demon perfectly fits in modern Warzone Resurrection games, both design wise and size wise.







Although, i've chosen to not give him his neck/shoulder armor which seemed a bit over the top to me (which is rare). I much prefer the look of his medieval hood like this.



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19 mai 2018

TMNT X 40k: Oldhammer Day in Metz

Now some halt during the Warzone Resurrection world campaign for some commercial cross-over with a taste of old stuff!

I've always loved Ninja Turtles. After several discussions on various medias about 41st millenia of early days, i had been thinking about a Rogue Trader warband based on the Space Zoats range. Since they are mutant (everyone is kind of a mutant in this universe aren't they?), warriors reptiles, their affiliation with the shelled knights was pretty obvious.

Since 2015 and its French Oldhammer day, i had hoped to cross path again with the folks i had met. This year a trip to eastern France allowed me to go to Metz, French's heart of the oldhammer community since several years.

That was the perfect opportunity to build the Teenage Ninja Mutant Zoat warband!

Since i have absolutely no sculpting skill, i tried to build the identity of the band through colours. Restraining my choice of colours with only the specific ones of each member, i hoped to make the identity of each one obvious. Obviously the miniatures' details could have been painted with more variations, but i wanted them to be easy to recognize. That's why each one has his equipment in one colour, his skin another, and the three Zoats share same shells and torsos

Let's have a look:

April O'Neil:

Since Ninja Turtles as well as Rogue trader are children of the punk era, it seemed fitting to give April an Escher body. This Juve has not a lot of details which allows to focus on her yellow outfit, white boots and red hair, her personnal distinctives features in the cartoon. The miniature has a rather simple set of weapons that still look brutal. It sure made me think about painting more old Necromunda stuff....








This old Skaven Chief with his robe was perfect to embody the old Master Splinter who only wears this kind of clothes. Conversion is very simple, i was not sure about the power claw since i wanted him to look simple like in the comic book, in which he only has a wodden stick and martial prowess. However, keeping the club was too much of a reminder of his Warhammer Fantasy past for my tastes. Bionic eye and power fist sure give the 40k feel. Not so much of a light stuff, but hey, he does not have any gun!











in the comic book, he's the most daredevil (see what i did here?) of the gang and a fierce warrior. Only Leonardo and Splinter can truly match his skills and he does not need much provocation to attack.

For these reasons i gave him the Zoat miniature with the most close combat oriented weaponry. His huge power fist and full helmet give him a menacing aspect, even the flame thrower is a short range gun and he's the only one wearing armor. With such a helmet one can suppose his attitude has already cost him...











The youngest of the gang, yet just as brave and skilled as the others! He's the only Zoat with face uncovered, which may imply he's suffered less from battles. His twin weapons also reminds of the TMNT of old.










Being the brain of the gang, he's probably the creator of his brother's weapons. He has a highly advanced weaponry and even a massive and complex helmet. In the Nintendo video game of old, he was the turtle with the longest reach so it seemed fair to give him long range gun.









But then, where is Leonardo ?! Well, Citadel did produce a fourth Space Zoat, but he's very simple looking and only bears a single pistol with two hands, a bit silly. Happily, Knightmare Miniature produced a Zoat that wouyld fit perfectly for Leo since he has both close combat and ranged weaponry, reminding Leo always seek balance in its martial art, just perfect.

Unfortunately, i never received it. i guess i'll have it in the mailbox one day, but a bit too late to have fun with his brothers...

To support the team, my TMNZ bring a robot controled by Donnie, baptised Metal Head for the occasion! Painted in 2015 for my first Oldhammer adventures, it was nice to give it a second round.

Finally, Casey Jones was embodied by the US Oldhammer miniature and came supporting his green friends..


 And so the mighty JB made us play a scenario of Rogue Trader on a magnificient board. TMNZs crossed path with Squats, harlequins and many NPCs and mutants. Ork metal band, demonic incursion and webbers of death were all here to bring a lot of fun.






The last Rainbow Warrior is not easy to impress...





"Get lost, fugitoid!"




For more details, pictures and tales about the game and the whole week end, check Leadplage, JB's awesome blog:

Oldschool gaming and a french Oldhammer Event !

Those last 2 weeks have been pretty packed with hobby in all its forms, from painting to modelling and even more gaming ! I've played a great number of games of all kinds from old to new, quick to long, small to large and all were simply brilliant !

After those adventures, our Rogue Trader guide invited me to share the command of his Chaos Renegade army against Nico's Eldars and Goulven's Auroras Space Marines in a game of 40k 2nd edition.

back in 2015, JB and i were leading an incredible looking skaven army were cunningness, panache and violent sillyness. In a few minutes the army list was set and full of exciting and abusing stuff ("let's put two dreadnoughts!" ; " oh and a level 4 sorcerer of Slaanesh!"), of course in the spirit rule of cool ("and a lot of terminators" ; " i want to play all my beautiful riders!")


In 2nd edition, the Vortex grenade is not always well perceived by others. But can you really blame us ?

"hey it's in the rules, i can do it!"

Well, our strategic skills were not at best and to say we were utterly victorious would be a bit of an exageration. However, we did kill one of the two leaders (our objective) thanks to our superior and totally cheesed magic, so...

After those high notes, Goulven, a forgiving guy, initiated us to Battletech and its light version Alpha Strike.


Although quite different, both systems are a joy to play. To have a guide through the rules was really great and helped us see wht the game potential was. A matter i'm willing to dig more in the weeks to come...

aren't those cute ?

And that's it.

I'll finish by inviting you to (re)check Nico's blog. Although he invited us on the event, i did not have time to see the whole Warhammer Fantasy game he was organizing. yet, to see its incredible miniatures once again in real was pure joy.

Realms of Chaos

But I want to share a last thing with you. During the Oldhammer day 2017, a man named Gof came to us and gave us a small box of miniatures. Approximatively 30 Chaos models : Slaanesh Champions, Bestmen, Greater demon, etc.. For FREE!! He gave without expecting anything in return.

One last big thanks to all the gang who made this moment what it was.

Nice people... And blurry too


Pictures of people and battles courtesy of JB Leadplague ;)

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10 mars 2018

Battle Report Conquest of the Solar System: The Hunt Continues!

We're on fire!

Another new game of Warzone Resurrection set in the world campaign. This time, Brotherhood and Legion are going at it again.

The story so far:

The Brotherhood has let Legion escape with a human traitor working on Mars for the Symetry. Their failure has allowed a massive assault against a Mishiman biodome on Mars, fortunately under protection by the Doomtrooper Valerie Duval and the troops of Bauhaus. While we still don't know if Valerie will survive the wounds suffered, the Brotherhood has spotted the retreat point of Legion forces that had captured the Mishiman soldiers. In hope to finally discover who's the traitor hiding among mankind's forces, the Brotherhood is surrounding the Legion forces to make them talk!

Today's game is a 500 points one and an occasion for my opponent to give a try to Visionnaries and Fury Elite Guards. I for myself have tried to make a versatile and fun list.

We rolled for the F.U.B.A.R. scenario. Pulpum's secondary objective is Inspiring Leadership and i've rolled Ammo Dump once again.

Legion army:


Necromutant leader


5 Heretics with Invoke Frenzy

5 Necromutants


3 Nasca Razides with Ashnagaroth

2 Necrobeasts Riders.


The Brotherhood:


Gaetano Hyginus Romanov with Sacred Supremacy and Spiritual Resilience


5 Holy Sentinels with Might of Reckoning and Sacred Supremacy

5 Holy Sentinels with Might of Reckoning and Sacred Supremacy


2 Fury Elite Guards with Cleansing Light

5 Visionnairies with Cleared Path

What are those cards ?...Legion army surprised by Gaetano's arrival along with Sentinels and Fury Guard

So strange....


20180307_204409Necromutants try to escape with their Centurion to some mysterious destination with support of the Nasca Razides... Maybe a Dark Citadel has arisen nearby ?

20180307_204417Barking orders, the Centurion sends the Heretics activate the self-destruct devices...

you had it coming!.. Forgetting to tell them it will explode to their faces! Another soul sacrified to Algeroth!

Predator approves this!Razides and Necrobeasts quickly slaughter a full unit of Sentinels, preparing for the inevitable arrival of the Brotherhood reinforcements.

20180307_223048Razides and Heretics try to fall back, but hey are hunt down by a Fury Elite Guard.

20180307_231030While the last Sentinels are outright killed, the Fury Elite Guard ends all hopes of escape the Legion had..

20180307_232520... And Necromutants are under the Visionnaries fire. The Centurion is filled with lead while Necromutants retaliate too late to save their leader.

Game reaches its end on a 5-0 in favor of the Legion: i've fulfilled my secondary objective while none of us has enough units to make the primary. My body count is 226 while Brotherhood's is 355.

The scenario was fun, much better than its V1.X iteration (which was our very first WZR scenario played!). Fury Elite Guard are absolute beasts that i'll have to learn to handle in the weeks to come...


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23 février 2018

Battle Report Conquest of the Solar System: Bauhaus to the rescue!

A new game of Warzone Resurrection set in the world league just took place in Bordeaux. This time Bauhaus answered to the invading Dark Legion with my friend Drong to lead them.

The story so far:

John Baptiste, a Bauhaus traitor is sabotaging Manking's defenses from the inside while the tide of the Symetry surges on the solar system. After allowing the forces of the Legion to set a trap to Mishimans forces to ascquire sensible datas, he managed to hide his identity to the forces of the Brotherhood, decimated in their attempt to save mercurian survivors.

Now John has been joigned by two powerful Nepharites among which is the infamous Angel of Mercy. Datas obtained through horrendous torture from Mishimans prisonners allowed John and his allies to locate a biodome made of Mishiman tech essential for food production on Mars. Legion forces storm to destroy the farm, but Valerie Duval answered the call, ready to fight the armies of the Dark Symetry once again.

In this scenario, players must gather ressources in the opponent side of the table. Each ressource token remove a ressource card from the opponent pool, making him weaker. Two tokens give 5 victory points, 4 give 10 points and end the game, all in 5 turns at most. Moreover, 3 tokens are placed in the middle line for secondary objectives. When reached, a dice roll determines if it is the right place to retrieve the objective. Bauhaus search biological data while Legion is here to plant a bomb and make it explode. The game was set quite in short notice, hence the amount of unpainted stuff i brought. The Angle of Mercy is an old Warzone character. Loving the miniature, i played it as a Golgotha because i wanted to give her a try, and i hate the official modern version.

deploymentArmy lists are displayed on the campaign website:

Mission: Ressource Gathering

Bauhaus secondary: viral intelligence

Dark Legion secondary: Ammo Dump

DSC03772Having spotted Algeroth's army, Bauhaus troops have secured the are. While two Etiles Mortant units are marching in the forefront to protect local ressources, Venusian Rangers being the second line to cover the arrival of the heavy troops and Blitzers.

DSC03773(Up) The Angel of Mercy and his Razide team storm with their Mule transport tank toward the Rangers positions. The Razides' Heavy Plaguedealer melt down several Blitzers while the Angel opens up a dark portal among the Rangers, forcing them to run from it to save their lives. Nevertheless, the missile launcher specialist destroys the Mule tank and manages to slow down the ennemy assault. Decided to end them, the Angle teleports himself right between them to start the slaughter.

Valerie Duval appears in the flank of the Razides decapitates one of them and almost guts the other out.

(middle) Etoiles and Blitzers bravely exposes themselves to the Nasca Razides shots to protect local ressources. They suffer heavy loss, but Bauhaus' finest are determined to fulfill their objectives.

The Vulkan war walker then runs to the middle of the battlefield to try to stop the Nepharite who's dangerously closing to venusian infantry.


Despite the loss of its vehicule, the Angel of Mercy assaults the defensive line of the Rangers, while Valerie cuts her way through Razides to get a chance to murder the Demon.

DSC03775After killing several Bauhausers, the Nepharite charges the Vulkan battlesuit and cuts it in two parts in one single swing of his monstruous Azogar Chainsaw, in front of unbelieving venusians.

DSC03776Only a few of Algeroth's Undead Legionnaires remain to take on Mars ressources, but the destruction of the Vulkan by the hand of the Nepharite could make Bauhaus flank breaks.

DSC03774Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield, Mankind's hopes are exhausting when Valerue Duval's bones are suddenly broken by a berzerked Razide. An Etoile Mortant runs to the beast to protect the body of the Doomtrooper and prevent it to go assist his master.

DSC03778The Angle of Mercy kills the Rangers one after another, but the Venusians are fighting back. Although the demon could escape the melee should he wanted to, having those crackshots in his back would be far too dangerous.

DSC03781While the Vulkan's broken form is still warm, a brave Juggernaut pilot activates his powered mechanical legs to charge the Nepharite. He may not be up to the task of killing the creature who's been laughing at all the shots aimed at it, but he does not hesitate nonetheless: all know the Nepharite has finally spotted the hidden ammo dump that would allow him to destroy a big part of the vital harvest.


John Baptiste finally leaves his hiding, right in time to understand he's failed. Although Bauhausers have suffered heavy loss, they've won enough time to save most of food production. Forces of the Dark Symetry abandon the field while Valerie Duval broken body is taken back the headquarters in hope to save her from the terrible wounds suffered in the hand of the Razide...


Game finished on a victory for Bauhaus, 10-0, accomplishing their primary mission in 5 turns but not the secondary one. My army list clearly lacked polyvalence to answer the amount of infiltrated units idealy placed to cover the objectives. I almost reached my secondary mission that would make my score a much more satisfying 5 (combined to my high body count score), but i made a big mistake on my activation order in the end of the game that made me failed it. Still have the satisfaction of having a Nepharite being very mean through all the game, saving and healing almost every hits and shamelessly breaking the Vulkan.

Another great Warzone Resurrection game!

And so, a few pictures of my friend/opponent Drong/Florian almost fully painted army (which was not the case of mine, making the victory even more deserved). Note that it's made of a few old metal miniatures among modern stuff.










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30 janvier 2018

Battle Report: Warzone World Campaign: Conquest of the Solar System

Now that's a title.

To bring back some life to this blog, instead of last month paintjobs, let's talk about games.

Warzone Resurrection is an awesome Syfy Heavy Metal game in the awesome Mutant Chronicles setting. Unfortunately the game is not that known, and very few people play it in France. Yet, the spanish community is extremely active. With several tournaments hosting quite a lot of players, they should be blessed with an official translation in the months to come.

Anyway, the great spanish guys have organized a world campaign that should go over the whole year! In this purpose they've designed an AWESOME website containing a full stellar map of the Solar System with locations of every armies and so on. Truly incredible work that you check check below if you like organized and campaign play

Home - Warzone Resurrection - Conquest of the Solar System League

Introducing Conquest of the Solar System Warzone Resurrection League

Truly professional work.

This being said, me and my main WZR opponent obviously registered, and we plan to play at the very least 2 games of WZR each months. We've both chosen to fight for Mars' ground, and here is the first (and short) batch of pictures with a battle report:

Mission: Human Ressources - 6 civilians are to be reached and secured back in the deployment zones in five turns.

Army size: 500 pts

Dark Legion Secondary Mission: Inspiring Leadership: Army Commander must kill at least 4 wounds (or be closer than anyone else to any ennemy)

Brotherhood Secondary Mission: Communications Relay: one miniature must secure the highest ground on the battlefield

Due to the first results of the campaign, my army (Dark Legion) has several small advantages with a bonus on the first initative roll and in close combat.


Somewhere on Mars...

Since the Dark Legion has started to hammer the surface of Mars, Mankind has tried to organize the counter attack despite the several losses it has suffered. But Corporations still quickly forget the infernal threat when an opportunity to expand occurs and Mishima would love to be able to deploy durably on Marswhile Capitol fights. A young and rich man called John Baptiste offered its service to help the Mishiman army gather some ressources on the soil of Mars in an area unknown to Capitol. It quickly became obvious that it was a trap set by the Legion! The Mishimans were slaughtered and only six escaped. An emergency call was sent but the Legion managed to cut it out before any sensible data was sent. Now the Brotherhood has quickly deployed to rescue the survivors and learn from them who might be an agent of the Symetry hiding in Mars cities. Unfortunately, John Baptiste has undead friends, and he surely would love to learn more about Mishiman wereabouts on Mars should he be able to capture the poor men alive....


The Brotherhood deploys in Mars' rocky mountains. The giant cat is probably Algeroth himself gazing upon his foes


John Baptiste hides behing the mountains, making calls and selling Brotherhood assets throug Dark Symetry Network to weaken their chain of command in preparation for the battle to come.


Meanwhile the Necromutant Leader of the army prepares the Razides for the battle. Once again, the masterworks of Valpurgius should prove worthy against the sacred warriors. Heretics advances towards the Mishimans survivors, ignorant of the what's hiding in the shadows.


The dreaded Necrobeasts Riders boosted by the Symetry quickly capture two Ronins, charging boldly in front of the Witch Hunter Frederickson and his Inquisitors.


Striking out of the Void, the Mortificators charge the Heretics, determined to protect the Mishimans warriors.


Also they quickly slaughter the human traitors, they are quickly shot down by the tremendous firepower of the Razides' Ashnagaroth HMG.


On the other side of the battlefield, a zealous Heretic captures a Ronin in an attempt to show his bravery to his Apostle, while the Necrobeasts Riders bring back the prisonners to submit them to horrendous tortures in the Necrochambers...


By the end of the day, two Mishimans have been captured, a third will probably end with his comrades, while the three others are dead. Witch Hunter Fredrickson, alone among the dead bodies of his fellows, can only hear the screams of the damned souls he was not able to save. No one will ever hear about John Baptiste treacheries, and he'll be back to business at the office by tomorrow morning...


So with 6 victory points to 0 (3 for each civilian secured, no secondary mission were completed, my Necromutant leader never managed to make that fourth wound), it's a victory for my Legion army. I was very lucky that we had this mission since my Necrobeast Riders could very quickly get a grisp on the targets. Although they were then slowed, it was a big advantage for a start. The big mistake of the Brotherhood was the Mortificators charging out of the Void just in front of the Razides in Sentry.

Mars needs help now!

 Sorry for the blurry pictures, lights were not good. We'll try to do better next time.

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22 juillet 2017

Alien gangsta

I remember last year me saying to a few gaming club buddies "2016 will be the year of the Cult for me". A pious vow i would, as usual, not fulfil of building a Cult army for W40k 2nd ed.  In the meantime Games Workshop was mocking me by surprisingle releasing this old army...

If the new version of the Cult has found a logical success, the Patriarch will always be for me that fatty 'n threatening beast shown in this beautiful artwork i discovered first in the mythical Codex Imperialis.


So out with the modern and clean computer sculpted post 2000 monsters. Beasts born before internet are much more of my taste.

I finally managed to paint a good old Patriarch from the Rogue Trader days. He's now part of quite a crazy project that may the the sunlight this year, but let's not get too excited with that, i generally never managed to finish such projects. Especially since i've planed more boardgame painting on my immediate schedule. We'll see where we go with it, by now, let's just name him Krang...


P1060580Nice golden necklace hu ? ^^





"You chose the wrong door, punk!"


And that's it for today!

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02 mai 2017

Back to business!... Again

Sooooo.. Well.... Erm...

It's been a year, yeah. Perfect time for some big update! Without any further explanations, here is what was painted during second half of 2016 and beginning of 2017:

by chronological order, the first to come is a Dwarf. Sculpted by the mighty Oldhammer agent Nico (Realm of Chaos blog, check on the right and go) and produced by Bruno Galice (from the miniature company Via Ludibunda) only for the French Oldhammer Day that took place in 2016 in the city of Metz. I should have shared this a while ago but, better late than never right ?




P1060076The colours were chosen to remind of the Squat i had painted for the first Oldhammer Day in Lyon where i meet Nico. We had a great time altogether so i wanted it this way.

Squat engineer and robotI like to think that this Dwarf has found some particularly funny dimensionnal portal... Check him with his mate:

P1060091Quite a fast paint job but very entertainning nonetheless. Mornegueule Brisedent, as he was named by his fathers, is a great looking mini and i had a blast with it. Thanks again!

Now, something far more recent:





Although i don't feel anything but coldness for the Age of Sigmar setting, i like this Magician Ogre from the new Warhammer Quest a lot. yet, i wanted to make him look more brutal and so chose to replace the magic skull of his magic wand with the blade of a minotaur axe. The long staff with the single edged weapon make it look very crude. However, the rune carved in the steel combined with the runes on the back of the Ogre and his fiery hair may reveal a magic potential. It's the first time i try something like these scarifications on the back. I don't know if people understood at first glance that i wanted it to look like fiery runes on a burned back, but i took pleasure doing it and like the result so it suits me.

Next part is a big one. Before last summer i've played in the first franch Warzone Resurrection tournament. As usual, i've started to seriously paint what i planned to play a few days before the event. I managed to go to the tournament with an army looking alright but yet far from being done. Several units have only basecoats and most still needed a few highlights. No varnish, but dry pigments on the bases were put to make it all look alright. Yeah, i was scared.

The tournament was great, really fun with a top notch group of players. I had the honour of receiving the painting prize, rewarding greatly my paint-rush, thanks again guys!

I've finally taken time to finish all these miniatures and can share it with the whole world shamelessly

Let's start with a troop of Heretics:




P1060039Official Prodos miniatures, a group of weak humans from a local sect adorating the apostle of War, Algeroth. In exchange for their devotion they usualy receive the whip, bullets from the Brotherhood, and sometimes a magic trick, like the dude in the center trying to focus his hands on some power. Nice sculpts, but i'm not really happy with how it turned out. They took me a good amount of time for a result i feel underwhelming. I got a bit bored in the end and you can see it on some details. I've even broken a finger on the guy on the right and only noticed after varnish! Yet they look ok enough to not ashame the whole army, that's it then.

Second troop then, the Sacristans:


P1060053I needed a second squad of Heretics, but i don't like to multiply the same miniatures in an army and Prodos only produces the unit seen before. I jumped on this excuse to recycle an old unit of Sacristans from previous Warzone edition. They are also humans from a satanist sect with low quality weaponry, fully compatible with the Heretics. That helps make the army look grounded in the background of the universe with people who like it and vary things a little bit. Colours chosen are based on the official artwork that depicted them back in the days:

sacristansDespire (thanks to ?) their 90's look, i like them a lot and had a lot of fun painting them. I think guys i played with in Paris were quite happy to see them back on the field too so full house!

Let's jump on to the elites, with the infamous Razides. I wanted two units because they bring massive pain and are known by every Mutant Chronicle lover. A monstrous vicious mass of muscles with skin of iron, oil for blood and massive guns, who would not love them ? Prodos produces a unit of three, and one alone sold separately or in starters. This is by far the ugliest, with a gun sold during the kickstarter as an add-on that is totally out of scale. Yet, he's here too. To help differenciate them on the field, i've painted a squad of old Razides in the classic red and purple scheme with their famous Nazgaroth assault rifle, and a unit of new kids in the blue and yellow Nasca Razide uniform armed with Ashnagaroth rifles.

First unit:



P1060048On the left stands the first Razide Prodos ever made with his out of scale gun, in the middle and right two old metal Razide miniatures. They go at war bare ass because that's what heavy metal was like in the 90's!

Second unit:





These recent sculpt by Prodos are simply awesome. As fun to paint as the old metal ones, fully respectfull of the original concept, bulky and nicely detailed.

Razides are great, period.

Now on to the monsters, with the Necrobeast Rider:



P1060062Another kickstarter era, Prodos early days sculpt. Back then they had not their mastery of 3D sculpt and you can see it. Details are not always thick enough, lower jaw of the beast did not fit well with the rest of the maw, the sword is too thin and the neck of the rider has an unatural stance you try to hide by choosing which heah to use among those available. Nonetheless, it's quite cool on the battlefield.

Next monster, the Praetorian Goliath:




P1060066Gigantic guy with a gigantic scythe followed by an small vicious and deadly imp. The mini itself is cool and i like to paint big guys. Problem is, you can't help but feel like the Prodos uys just sculpted it in regular 32mm scale and sized it up fully when you see the humans skulls suspended on it, having the size of an actual full grown human. Instead of feeling the power and size of it, you feel like a toy from another dimension has landed on your battlefield. Shame. Also, if i had more time back then, i think i would have tried to replace his scythe because i don't like it, which you can tell since it's painted with only a few drybrushes while i've worked more on everything else on the mini.

Last but not least, the big boss:



That's it, the actual leader of this invasion force is this punk. In its first version, the game allowed you to create your leader based on any type of unit in your army, rpg-style. So i could use this old Target Games heretic miniature as my leader. I love this guy. With his ragged purple jacket opened on its muscled body, his yellow gloves, the dirty knife and the red cock-shield protecting and showing his manhood, he is really the perp who thinks he's finally making it, while he's obviously just a puppet. He spent the whole tournament hiding and yelling at his troops. i really hope he can be back on the field on day (the new version of the game prevent him too right now). He even had a haircut with Algeroth symbol, hooligan style!

P1060051And that's what the whole gang looked like, with John Baptiste joining them (previously shown on the blog)


Next project is still about Prodos products, but this time Aliens:




P1060072Sorry for the poor pictures... Anyway those are my first Aliens. It's mostly a test since i don't want to spend too much time on them, so washes washes washes, it works quite well on this. It was also my first attempt at making goo, body fluids and various juices with glue. You can tell by seeing how messy it has got on the bases. Doesn't matter, that was not the point. It's quite tricky but still funny, i have to work on this to make the goo thicker, i suppose... Don't know if i won't remove some though.

And finally, my first miniature for the boardgame Kingdom Death: Monster



P1060085You may not know about it, but this miniature comes from a very peculiar boardgame. It takes place in a world of horror where players control (more or less) the destiny of a group of survivors who will have to fight terrible monsters. Players can then craft gears with theremains of the monsters fought to equip their men and women. The game provides enough stuff to create any combination of gears, and there are numerous. Some try to magnetize everything to be able to change everytime. It's a bit crazy but i wanted to give it a try and here is the result.

P1060088So our friend is dressed with the skin and teeth of one of those Sunstalkers...

sunThe red bow has been scavenged from this lady though

makoBut i won't say more about it, since a big part of the pleasure of this game is to unravel its mysteries...


And that's (finally!) it for today! See you next time, hopefully before next year! ;)





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15 juin 2016

Back with old stuff

After a quite long pause in the miniature thing, these last weeks have been busy again

Firstly with the painting of my Warzone army (pictures will come later), and more recently with three pieces for my Mid Nor army of Confrontation (Rackham), for the last tournament taking place in my gaming club.

Because i wanted to play something slightly different, i started with the famous Cyclop







I wanted to reproduce the skin tone of the rest of the army, but was too lazy to paint in a different colour the bubbles it has everywhere, so it may hurt a little bit your eyes, but heck, i like it anyway


Then another pair of Scibor creatures. Used as some count as for the Prawlers, which official minis are not in my tastes and are very small while they have to stand on a 50mm base.










They are less cartoony than the regular Mid Nor Dwarves, but the monstruous centaur theme reminds of other official minis of the range, which has some weird concepts. Anyway, even without the Rackham touch in it, i find them quite acceptable as replacements, with their horrible experiment concept.

And the whole friends gathered:


That's it for today. Soon the Warzone army, and then.. Who knows ? Probably a very special dwarf, we'll see ;)



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05 mars 2016


New universe and new paintings. Today's menu is about Eden.

Eden is a French skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic universe. The game has a solid community in France, and i think it is starting to be known outside, thanks to its great ruleset.

When the game hit the stores, i was not hooked because the miniatures were not so great and more importantly the first factions had a uniforme (black mutants, BDSM women, Clowns etc), which does not work for me in such a universe.

Nevertheless, i had bought 2 miniatures just to have some fun with them since they were obviously inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn. Then i've bought 3 others along the years when i visited a hobby store in some place of the world, and kept them stored, like a snack for hard days to come.

So Bogdana and Yuri were my first paintings for Eden, quite some years ago.





Many years later, i had the opportunity in my gaming club to try the game. Even if i was seduced, i did not go further on this path.

Until recently when enthusiast gamers decided to organise a tournament to motivate beginners. Always ready to be a part of a cool event, i've tried the game again, and definitely liked it. Even if it is quite a competitive and very tactic game, the rules are dead simple and show the violence and foolishness of this ruined world very well. We've had a blast playing and laughed a lot, which is extremely important to me.

So this week i started to paint my 3 remaining miniatures to be able to play on the tournament. It's tomorrow, i've just finished, i've played 3 time, everything is all right ^^

Here are the 3 painted fighters. They were slightly customised to remove little bells and clownesque decorations they featured on their clothes to show they were members of the Joker clan. In my vision of the game, there is only one Joker, and he's the leader of this band of goons trying to survive.


The weathering of the barrel was made with some black dry pigments i've bought at a wind mill near Amsterdam. There you can see the whole mecanic working, the stones waiting to be transformed , etc... Silly, but it makes me happy.





Then the abyssal lower level of miniature production with Anton. I love the concept, but quality wise, it's not up to the task. Even back in 1990 minis had ears on their faces (well, when they were supposed to!). The lack of shoes is not a sculpting issue though, he's indeed wearing some leggings/pyjamas.



Although i did not want some uniform, Anton has a beltbuckle with a smiley sculpted i prefered not to try to remove. So i thought maybe he could show his allegiance to his Joker leader with a tag on its garbage-found coat. In a world in ruin, each individual does what he can to be unique..



And finally Nicholaï. The most recent mini of the group, which you can tell. Much more details, far better casting, i'm glad i finished with him instead of the others. i had fun painting it. I've tried to make him look as odd as possible with his clothes, to make him look like some hobbo, but i had to restrain myself on colours to make sure he does not end up looking like ... A clown. I even gave him 2 different shoes, but maybe it was a mistake, i feel like the brown one disappears in the base.






Here they are. A 100 points Joker Gang.


Fun fact: nobody on this picture has laces on his shoes. Maybe the knownledge about knotting the laces has been lost during the Apocalypse. Or maybe the sculptor, Mohand, thinks it's boring to sculpt. Still funny.

All in all, even if they are mostly old miniatures with very variable quality, i must say i had a great time painting them. They are quite characterfull.

A game that deserve to be given a try anyway. Smart, fast, fun and even cheap.


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11 février 2016

Little Mices on a board

I had painted the ennemies Rat Warriors and Cockroaches some years ago, mais since i play this game always with the same persons on an irregular basis (narative campaign), i never get finished it. Furthermore, my varnish spray got all gticky and gooish on the miniatures, making them sticky and dirty, which did not help me getting motivated to paint anything else from this game.

After some many months without playing, we finally managed to set a new date which motivated me to finish this off. Plus i've just bought some mat varnish in liquid form and so was pretty confident about it.

So nothing too fancy in those paintings (well we can say i've been a bit lazy on capes and cloaks), all the mices were done in an evening, and big bugs on the sunday morning. Quite happy with the result considering i have not spent too much time on it.


Nose, Tilda and Maginos

The red thing on Maginos' arm is Meeple the ladybird

Prince Collin, Lilly and Filch the thief

Hey nice messed up cloaks!Boss



Quick advice here: I finally managed to remove the sticky effect of previous spray varnish with an application of mat medium from GW. Medium had darkened a bit colors so i put some gloss varnish and then mat varnish (all liquid, no spray). Colors have lost a bit of what they looked like, but it's still better than the gooish things they were, and i won't repaint those.

Remember kids: never use spray varnish on boardgames miniatures, it will end up wrong. Anyway, i personally doubt i'll use varnish sprays any more in the future. Far too risky even with good ones.

Here for real deal

P1020967Family picture with the cockroaches


Truth is playing boardgames with painted miniatures is really cool.

Thanks to this little story, my amount of painted miniatures in 2016 is up to 10! Yeah! I'm not counting rats and cockroaches since they were painted since a long time.





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