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31 décembre 2020

Legion of the Damned: Sergeant Centurus


This is the time of the last message of the year. 2020 has been quite a strange ride in many ways, but at least it allowed me to launch several projects i had since a long time. This is even the first year i have something to share on the very last day i believe.

So today it is with Sergeant Centurus of the Legion of the Damned that i close the year, making my roster of characters for my 2nd edition army complete.

It was a limited edition released in 1996 and also the very first miniature specifically produced for the Legion.

I've tried to make its skin as ghastly as possible to remind of its health state. You may notice the banner is the same i gave the Commander, which is on purpose. Banners are used to make individual identity shine, and i imagine the dying Legion to forfeit all matter of ego and self identity since their change.

Here it goes:






With Centurus i'm reaching an amount of 114 minis painted in 2020! Well, some are very small 6mm stuff so i've counted bases with 2 Squat bikes as only one, seems more than enough.

Let's hope 2021 allows to play with them..


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18 décembre 2020

Battletech: Lyran Commonwealth lance


First episode of a side project: getting into Battletech

Battletech is one of the elders in the miniature game world. I've had two occasions to try it, the most recent one being at the last French Oldhammer Day thanks to a friend who's a big fan.

The universe itself is very dense and well written. Rules can seem a bit overcomplicated but they are stable and give that taste of classic wargame i enjoy. In Battletech, you put robots in the mud to fight but you keep track of ammos and engine heat.

This last game made me want to jump in but the official range of miniatures was not appealing to me. Moreover, the game suffers from a major flaws: you have to be a rocket scientist to get how to organize an actual game, rules being spread in a lot of various books.

I still believe the narrative simulation aspect of the game, finding its roots in classic historical wargames, makes it worth it, hence my decision to get in through this door.

With the recent Kickstarter (still messy as hell) relaunching the game and the video game, an official campaign starting where the video game story stopped has been published. I've decided to paint all the miniatures of every mechwarrior fighting this campaign to have some kind of deluxe star set to discover the game with friends.

I've started with the Lyran Commonwealth lance featured in the first scenario. Sorry for bad pictures quality, i didn't manage to handle the white and the light..

Let's start with Sergeant Ian Connoly piloting the Thunderbolt TDR-5S

65 tons of steel makes this heavy class mech a powerful foe with its weaponry: long range 15 tubes missile launcher on the shoulder, large laser in the right arm, 2 short range missiles and 3 medium lasers in its torso, and a pair of machinguns on the left arm.





Then comes Karl Schneider in his Griffin GRF-1N. This 45 tons medium class mech is coming with a cannon particules projector, nothing less! You can also see on his shoulder a 10 tubes long range missile launcher






Third mechwarrior, Jean Bernard in a Wolverine WVR-6R. Another medium class mech of 55 tons with an autocanon on its arm, short range missiles in the torso and a medium laser attached to the head where Jean sits. Sounds safe!






I close this lance with what may be my favourite of the team, the Catapult CPLT-C1 driven by Lotte Janssen. This heavy class mech brings two long range missile launcher able to deliver 15 candies each and four medium laser, isn't that nice ?






The whole family gathered together:


Since Battletech can be played on grids or regular boards, i've chose clear bases with names of pilots and machines written on the edges.


To be continued...

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16 décembre 2020

Epic 40k: the Squat Land Train brings pain in!

All right.

Last time i published about my Epic Squat army project, i promised something heavy, and i think i'm delivering now.

Like all the miniatures of this era, scale is a bit off and the miniature itself might look pretty small, but this is nonetheless a massive engine (and cute!) engine of destruction: the Squat Land Train !

I'm not sure anything could me more impractical on a battlefield, especially trying to shoot on the sides with the giant flamer of death (aka "Dragon Car") with a gun that obviously does not have any gear to turn on itseld but whatever!

Just how cute is that ?

The land train is to me one the most emblematic machine of this range. Bulky, stupid, and overly weaponized



In a game of massive combat like Epic, being as a Squat player the only one who can bring an actual NUCLEAR BOMB on the battlefield is a tasty pleasure. You brought walking guys with guns and axes ? Cute, but you should cover your eyes now 'cause i just pushed the red button.



The little castle on rail is actually home of Berzerkers warriors ready to storm on any ennemy that would come to close and yet survive the roar of the dragon car.


I feel like it's a good milestone event for the army. Now, let's see if we can find some even more massive guns to support this creature of beauty...

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05 décembre 2020

Legion of the Damned: the Commander


Today the Legion of Damned army project makes takes another step forward with the Commander

When the army list was published in White Dwarf, i immediately wanted to make the same custom commander:



It is based on what is to me the best Chaplain sculpt of W40k 2nd edition and probably best chaplain ever made for 40k period. Fun fact: displayed here is a dude with a power sword, which is not available to buy in this army...

I wanted my version to feature all the weapons i planned to play on it, namely power glove, chainsword, meltagun. The Space Marine range being surprisingly poor in right handed power glove, this guy inherited of classic Marneus Clagar's from same era. With a quick gun swap, this gives my Commander a bit more nobility and charisma.






This is my second ever printed black and white paper banner i paint and i'm really enjoying it.

Almost done with characters now, time to paint squads is coming soon...


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04 novembre 2020

Epic 40k: the Squats fly high ! !


The Epic 40k Squats army project keeps going today, with a big chunk of planes. Yep, flying dwarves that is.

Let's start with a nice little fleet of Gyrocopter:



Light and fast stuff is nice, but big slow bombers are better! Here come the Overlords:




All these nice flying chaps gather in a pretty scary fleet. Don't go out without an helmet !


Coming soon: heavy duty crawlers of death...

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31 octobre 2020

Legion of the Damned: the Company Icon

Second step in the Legion of the Damned 2nd ed. army project: the Company Icon

The miniature is from the same era as the Techmarine previously painted and shown here. I chose this one intead of an older one because it was easier to equip him with the wargear i plan to play (one day, maybe).

You may recognize the classic Warhammer Fantasy 4th ed. Undead banner. It's the first time i try to colour a black and white banner, and i must say it's fun and faster than i thought. I'll probably do more for the coming parts of the army.





P1100140To be continued...

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16 octobre 2020

Orktober: The Tinboy


A little pause in the Epic and Legion of the Damned projects to celebrate Orktober (or is Orctober ?).

I've never participated in this event before, despite having a reasonable load of old Orks for a future project.

This year i felt the urge to paint a recent addition: the Space Marine Tinboy! This rare and awesome model is just to cute & cool and the concept itself is plain awesome.

I've decided to go for a wannabe Blood Angel 'cause i like to paint these dudes although i never made any for myself, and Orks & Bloodies were the stars of W40k 2nd Ed. starter set.





The glyphs are "actual" orks glyphs from 2nd ed Codex. The three teeths meaning "gore" and the little triangle "space marine", seemed fitting for a Blood Angel Ork.

And yeah, i totally missed the triangle thing. Don't know why  started so small, but definitely didn't feel like redoing all the red of the shoulder over it, so that'll do





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11 octobre 2020

Epic 40k: the Squats roll out !

Starting a new army for Epic 40.000: the space dwarfs, also known as Squats!

As one could expect, W40k's dwarfs are skilled engineers producing some of the most powerful warmachines of the universe, but they are also bikers burning the roads with motorcycles, trikes or even trikes driven by warriors wearing massive power armours.

These miniatures are old, far from the quality of nowadays 3d sculpts you can buy on the web, and their so called "details" are fading a bit in each other, making the painting a bit challenging sometimes. Promise, you may not see it, but i've painted beards !

Let's start with the main troops, bikers:






Bikers can be supported or replaced by two-seats Trikes:



Finally, some veteran warriors or guildmasters wearing an exo-armour can drive an exo-trike on the battlefields:




As mentioned above, Squats are mainly known for their terrifying warmachines. Despite lacking the titans of the other races, they can count on massive tanks covered with huge guns.

Among those is the Colossus and his Gyrocopter:





Quite a nice little family:


I forgot to take a scale shot with a regular 28mm miniature, just try to imagine that the biggest tank here is barely as high as a regular human size 28mm human. Bases displayed here are 40x60, 25x25, 40x20, 30x30 milimeters.

That's it for today (and that's alright if you ask me !)

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26 septembre 2020

Legion of the Damned: the Techmarine

With the return to some more classic work schedule, painting have reduced greatly these last months, and the Aliens project has been put on hold despite his good start. Epic has been my main attention of the summer mini-wise (beach & ocean remaining top priority), but with September came a new project from the past, one that i hope to be short enough to be fulfilled: a Legion of the Damned force for W40k 2nd Edition.

It's quite funny to launch this now for me. As i discovered 40k as a kid, when time came to choose my first codex, i went for the Ultramarines one because it was the only one displaying the Legion of the Damned amazingly well painted unit. It was covered with skulls, bones, flames freehands and the book provided rules for these legendary warriors.


My painting skills back then quickly discouraged me from giving it a try, but i searched and acquired their unique mini, Centurus, and did not hesitate a single second when the boxed set of specifically sculpted figures came out. When the rules to play a full force came in White Dwarf, i was ready to dive in, but the month after came the 3rd edition of the rules, which i would play for the following years...

I don't play W40k anymore, better games require my money and care, but i still love 2nd edition. A small communautary challenge was a great occasion to finally launch this project which requires a reasonable amount of miniatures, so i think i can handle this in my schedule.

So let's start with the test miniature: the inevitable Techmarine





Still not a great photographer...

First Legion of the Damned figure i've painted in many years and test subject. It's a generic mini, without bones and flames sculpted to make it easier to paint. Since i'm not skilled in free hands, i planned to go easy on it, but i must say giving it a try is fun.

However, the goal was always to try the facemask. Techmarines are priest after all, and among an army of wannabe ghosts & demons warriors, what better than a vaudoo feel for a priest ? The back of his face is dark brown to show the mask is only a make-up, and also because Space Marines are almost always shown as white people, which is just silly for an army recruiting all over a planet, sometimes several.

To add some lights and support the small flames freehands, i've given cables a fiery orange colour. Maybe it gives him some magical fuel from the warp!

See you soon with his dudes and more Epic scale stuff!

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01 juillet 2020

Rackham's Confrontation: Neran & the Sentry


No Xenomorphs today, unfortunately work is back to normal and free time too. Still it is an opportunity to share some paintjob done but not shared some months ago.

Painting old Rackham stuff is always nice. This ranges shaked the miniature industry and still heavily influences modern productions, which not many miniature range can claim.

Having a few friends still into Confrontation, i paint a few pieces from time to time to make a game or two, despite not really liking this ruleset myself.

Still, i'm happy i had this opportunity to paint and remove from the leadpile quite a legendary piece: Neran the Scary




The little fellow was really great to paint. The concept is as awesome as the sculpt, and this deadly priest has put its mark on the tournament scene back in the 2nd edition days due to his ability to summon overly-numerous little demons.

I also add to my warband a Sentry:

yeah that skin mask gives infiltration skill, OBVIOUSLY


Sentries are fast creatures thanks to their mechanical legs (sometimes even equiped with wheels..), cunning enough to hide their faces behind a skin mask so that they may walk among their preys... Well.. Anyway, i like how they look!

And that's it for today!




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