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15 juin 2016

Back with old stuff

After a quite long pause in the miniature thing, these last weeks have been busy again

Firstly with the painting of my Warzone army (pictures will come later), and more recently with three pieces for my Mid Nor army of Confrontation (Rackham), for the last tournament taking place in my gaming club.

Because i wanted to play something slightly different, i started with the famous Cyclop







I wanted to reproduce the skin tone of the rest of the army, but was too lazy to paint in a different colour the bubbles it has everywhere, so it may hurt a little bit your eyes, but heck, i like it anyway


Then another pair of Scibor creatures. Used as some count as for the Prawlers, which official minis are not in my tastes and are very small while they have to stand on a 50mm base.










They are less cartoony than the regular Mid Nor Dwarves, but the monstruous centaur theme reminds of other official minis of the range, which has some weird concepts. Anyway, even without the Rackham touch in it, i find them quite acceptable as replacements, with their horrible experiment concept.

And the whole friends gathered:


That's it for today. Soon the Warzone army, and then.. Who knows ? Probably a very special dwarf, we'll see ;)



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05 mars 2016


New universe and new paintings. Today's menu is about Eden.

Eden is a French skirmish game set in a post-apocalyptic universe. The game has a solid community in France, and i think it is starting to be known outside, thanks to its great ruleset.

When the game hit the stores, i was not hooked because the miniatures were not so great and more importantly the first factions had a uniforme (black mutants, BDSM women, Clowns etc), which does not work for me in such a universe.

Nevertheless, i had bought 2 miniatures just to have some fun with them since they were obviously inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn. Then i've bought 3 others along the years when i visited a hobby store in some place of the world, and kept them stored, like a snack for hard days to come.

So Bogdana and Yuri were my first paintings for Eden, quite some years ago.





Many years later, i had the opportunity in my gaming club to try the game. Even if i was seduced, i did not go further on this path.

Until recently when enthusiast gamers decided to organise a tournament to motivate beginners. Always ready to be a part of a cool event, i've tried the game again, and definitely liked it. Even if it is quite a competitive and very tactic game, the rules are dead simple and show the violence and foolishness of this ruined world very well. We've had a blast playing and laughed a lot, which is extremely important to me.

So this week i started to paint my 3 remaining miniatures to be able to play on the tournament. It's tomorrow, i've just finished, i've played 3 time, everything is all right ^^

Here are the 3 painted fighters. They were slightly customised to remove little bells and clownesque decorations they featured on their clothes to show they were members of the Joker clan. In my vision of the game, there is only one Joker, and he's the leader of this band of goons trying to survive.


The weathering of the barrel was made with some black dry pigments i've bought at a wind mill near Amsterdam. There you can see the whole mecanic working, the stones waiting to be transformed , etc... Silly, but it makes me happy.





Then the abyssal lower level of miniature production with Anton. I love the concept, but quality wise, it's not up to the task. Even back in 1990 minis had ears on their faces (well, when they were supposed to!). The lack of shoes is not a sculpting issue though, he's indeed wearing some leggings/pyjamas.



Although i did not want some uniform, Anton has a beltbuckle with a smiley sculpted i prefered not to try to remove. So i thought maybe he could show his allegiance to his Joker leader with a tag on its garbage-found coat. In a world in ruin, each individual does what he can to be unique..



And finally Nicholaï. The most recent mini of the group, which you can tell. Much more details, far better casting, i'm glad i finished with him instead of the others. i had fun painting it. I've tried to make him look as odd as possible with his clothes, to make him look like some hobbo, but i had to restrain myself on colours to make sure he does not end up looking like ... A clown. I even gave him 2 different shoes, but maybe it was a mistake, i feel like the brown one disappears in the base.






Here they are. A 100 points Joker Gang.


Fun fact: nobody on this picture has laces on his shoes. Maybe the knownledge about knotting the laces has been lost during the Apocalypse. Or maybe the sculptor, Mohand, thinks it's boring to sculpt. Still funny.

All in all, even if they are mostly old miniatures with very variable quality, i must say i had a great time painting them. They are quite characterfull.

A game that deserve to be given a try anyway. Smart, fast, fun and even cheap.


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11 février 2016

Little Mices on a board

I had painted the ennemies Rat Warriors and Cockroaches some years ago, mais since i play this game always with the same persons on an irregular basis (narative campaign), i never get finished it. Furthermore, my varnish spray got all gticky and gooish on the miniatures, making them sticky and dirty, which did not help me getting motivated to paint anything else from this game.

After some many months without playing, we finally managed to set a new date which motivated me to finish this off. Plus i've just bought some mat varnish in liquid form and so was pretty confident about it.

So nothing too fancy in those paintings (well we can say i've been a bit lazy on capes and cloaks), all the mices were done in an evening, and big bugs on the sunday morning. Quite happy with the result considering i have not spent too much time on it.


Nose, Tilda and Maginos

The red thing on Maginos' arm is Meeple the ladybird

Prince Collin, Lilly and Filch the thief

Hey nice messed up cloaks!Boss



Quick advice here: I finally managed to remove the sticky effect of previous spray varnish with an application of mat medium from GW. Medium had darkened a bit colors so i put some gloss varnish and then mat varnish (all liquid, no spray). Colors have lost a bit of what they looked like, but it's still better than the gooish things they were, and i won't repaint those.

Remember kids: never use spray varnish on boardgames miniatures, it will end up wrong. Anyway, i personally doubt i'll use varnish sprays any more in the future. Far too risky even with good ones.

Here for real deal

P1020967Family picture with the cockroaches


Truth is playing boardgames with painted miniatures is really cool.

Thanks to this little story, my amount of painted miniatures in 2016 is up to 10! Yeah! I'm not counting rats and cockroaches since they were painted since a long time.





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02 février 2016

John Baptiste

Some Warzone painting to start the year.

The miniature is John Baptiste, a trader working for some mega corporation, who ends up being a traitor to mankind supporting financially the forces of the Legion.

Came in the Mutant Chronicles RpG miniature pack, with full rules to be played in Warzone. You can see some of his abilities in a previously posted battle report.

I've tried to stick to Paul Bonner's illustration that inspired the sculpt. The purple outfit and the grin are reminding of the Joker, but it was not intentionnal this time.







I'm happy with how it came out. I was a bit afraid of the striped clothes but it ended up pretty well.




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Bring on The Thunder!

Finally the first 2016 painting... That was supposed to be the last of 2015 :(

Anyway, here is my version of Psycho Sam. This miniature was produced by Copplestone Miniatures, paid by the US Oldhamer community. Their tribute consisted in a miniature who could take place in the punk future version of Warhammer 40k, the very old Confrontation, ancestor of Necromunda. The mini itself is in "true 28mm". Still great fun and looking.

US Oldhammerers were kind enough to send some in France, and thanks again to JB, it was then sent to some of us old grumpies.

After several thoughts, i had decided that my Psycho Sam would be a tall black skinned guy, with worn blue jeans and red leather to obtain a nice contrast. Unfortunately, the verminous JB shot first, and had painted it black skinned with red and blue clothes! Don't check his blog it's not worth it.

LEADPLAGUE: Psycho Sam ! The Oldhammer Punk.

I'm really glad to present you this model right here. If you don't know the model, it's quite normal as only people who attended Oldhammer events in UK, USA and France (maybe some other countries too) had the opportunity to get it (Extra special thanks to Airbornegrove for sending us frenchies some to celebrate our first french gathering, you truly are a gent sir).

Although he pretended there could be more than one black skinned punk in the 41st millenia, i just could not do the same. So finalement i chose to make him a native amercian, as a tribute to the land the mini came from.

So i found a nice tutorial about red skin, and add a few thunder shaped tatoos, to make him The Thunder! Inspiration came from the video game Killer Instinct.

Still as tribute to the US, i gave him yellow knee and shoulder pads, like Judge Dredd.

Inspired by the recent view of a video tutorial from Mohand, i tried my first double primed (black then white) painting and first quick NMM.

Well, in the end, i don't feel like the skin is looking very "red", nor that my NMM is good ^^ But does not matter, i'm quite happy with the final look.

Thanks again JB, and all the people who allowed us froggies to have this miniature.





And now i guess you're thinking my Thunder just met the wrong Caped Crusader...


Yeah... I know....


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John's Dark Secret

First 2016's posting on the beginning of February... Yeah i know...

Well then, first battle with Warzone: Resurrection! It took place quite some days ago and several events happened since, so my memory is a bit blurry about it. I'll try to do my best.

1000 points game, Legion VS Brotherhood, as usual now. I wanted to play again the Behemoth and try the miniature of the Lord John Baptiste. Second miniature painted in 2016 (pictures coming).

John is an actual living human. A trader guy who nicely works for his corporation. Unfortunately our friend John is a traitor to manking. Algeroth has seduced him by giving him some useless powers to overcome his everyday work, girls etc, and as payment for his loyalty the dear John makes sure the corporations' assets are falling.

Gamewise, it gives us some imp-level fighting skills, who will strike on the opponent's ressources. Very funny and quite a pain in the ass.

My usual opponent brought a muscled up army. The Brotherhood has access to very resilient and cheap units, all gathered today in an optimal group:

Warlord Inquisitor Hamilkar

Lord Crucifier

2 x 7 Sacred Warriors

2 x 3 Inquisitors

1 x 7 Troops

1 x 5 infiltrated Mortificators

Strong army list. Impenetrable armor everywhere. Many polyvalent inquisitors and a powerful Warlord. If he wanted to be nastier i think the only thing he could do would be to drop troopers and Crucifier for a Judicator. Anyway, i had been warned.

I for myself was coming with this:

Warlord custom Ranged Nepharite

Lord John Baptiste

2 x 5 Necromutants

2 x 1 Razide with Nazgaroth

1 x Praetorien Behemoth

1 x 2 Rapid Deploying Praetorian Stalkers

I knew it was gonna be hard, but i wanted to try. Let's just say it, it was a complete punishment for the Legion. My mate was very lucky and i was not at all. But anyway, let's send in the pictures!

Scenario is "advanced base" in which we have to secure the central objective. We roll the same secondary objectives, and so have to identify one of the three objectives point as one more to secure (random stuff). Objectives are represented by a black round base on the pictures.




Turn 1:

As usually, first turn is mostly about the Brotherhood running under my shootings, while Mortificators slip in the Void.

A Razide manage to shoot a Sacred Warrior Squad leader, saved by the sacrifice of one of his dudes.



Meanwhile the Necromutants shoot down several Troopers hiding Hamilkar.


A squad of Inquisitors kills several Necromutants. Through the expense of Ressources and the use of their powers, they can increase ranges and strength of their weapon and benefit from Aim actions on all their shootings (instead of only the first). Cost a lot of Ressources but potentially devastating.



Nepharite and Behemoth take position. The monster receives a Dark Blessing to protect him from Psychics (which is a mistake, this card only works on Troops and Support, not monster)


Turn 2:

Several epic moments in this turn...

Considering that the Sacred Warriors upcoming are not an immediate threat, the Necromutants shoot down several Troopers, pinning the squad, and identify the objective as the secondary one to secure.



My Nephartie casts the Call of Corruption (black base with silver drawing). The Sacred Warriors run toward an objective token both to try to fulfil secondary objective and run from the Call of Corruption and death. Behind them, Hamilkar gets out of his shelter to use his considerable powers on the Legion. He's at range, he's got several valuable targets... But he rolls 20. Fumble, no more actions for this turn. Consequently, a Razide sends a bullet to his chest, he had it coming!



On the other side of the board, the Stalkers rapid deploy to try to slaughter the first Inquisitors squad, well aligned and ready for the flaming punishment to come. But a catastrophic scattering bring them in the very corner of the table. Whatever, they'll use their weapons in machine gun mode to be at range, but despite 8 shots, only two wounds are made. They are swiftly destroyed then by the inquisitors' squad who stayed on the rear of the army to protect it. Thank you, xoxo, bye bye.



While the Crucifier makes his way, the Behemoth reaps off chunks of wall and throw them on the Sacred Warriors, without dealing any damages..



And one of the Necromutants escorting John Baptiste is shot by whoever


Outing from the Void, Mortificators shoot several Necromutants, reducing the squad to two members. The Crucifier, for the sake of it, shots the Razide with his toy-like guns. A beautiful pair of 18s on the armor rolls allow the creature to remain in pain with one wound left.

The not hurt by the Stalkers Inquisitors unload their ammos (and ressources) on the Nepharite who also ends up with only one wound remaining.

Turn 3:

We both know it's over. We secretly write down what we think will be left of the Legion at the end of the turn, and here we go.

It starts with the Necromutant squad leader, who put himself close to the Sacred Warriors and unload his Plaguedealer on them, only to see the deadly weapon hurt nobody. Obviously not inspired at all by their chief, the others are not able to deal a single damage. Immediate punishment and charge: Necromutants are slaugthered, except for John Baptiste who survives thanks to another fumble... Until a Sacred Warrior from the second squad grabs him, putting an end to his career. Watching this, Troopers manage to rally while their moral was extremely low...


The Nephartie finally uses his gun and finishes off the two wounded inquisitors. Mortificators simply bomb away the Necromutants with a rain of their grenades. One of them had his grenade explode in his very hand, but managed to dodge it (can someone explain ?). Two other throw them without aiming obviously, having them bounce.. straight on their target! Damned ninjas, always ready for the fun. Despite the whole blue pyjamas circus, the Necromutant squad leader will manage to avoid death and run.


Somebody finishes off that big useless Razide, and the Crucifier charges the Behemoth in the back. Bonus accumulation allow him to hurt the beast despite his natural resilience. Very excited, i tried a special attack that would have allowed me to throw him away, and maybe shoot him hard then. Unfortunately, even that is taken from me with a new failure on my CC test...Next time i'll simply punch...


Sacred Warriors in the ruins join the fight (except one occupied with John Baptiste), but don't manage to kill the beast.


Considering the carnage, we decied to stop. Game itselft was quite funny, but dumb. I really lacked luck and my opponent was lucky as hell.

Nevertheless, John Baptiste was as funny as expected. I stupidly made him join an advancing squad, while he obviously does not need to. His role is to hide in a corner, if possible nearby a Razide-buddy, and make calls to eat the opponent's ressources. Today Brotherhood had a lot, so it was not that useful, but it is still quite a pain.

This game also saw the coming back of the Crucifier. His recent point cost reduction makes him playable, and that's cool, because the miniature is great.

On the other hand i feel like Inquisitors are quite too cheap. 10 points more would not be a steal and they would still be great. Their stats are very strong: hard, tough, powers, shoot as well as warlords and great skills. Ferocious unit, maybe a bit too much.

But Inquisitors and luck did not win alone. My army list was poor. We'll see what i'll try next time..



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11 janvier 2016

Warzone Resurrection: Roberto must Die

2015's last weeks have been quite busy so no painting for me those last weeks.

Yet, some gaming. With my friend Pulm we recently fought for the third part of the mini-campaign we started for Warzone Resurrection. The campaign is based upon scenarios provided on cards with the limited edition Icarus Jetfighter pilot.

It was also an opportunity to test afain new faction rules Prodos released some weeks ago. Balance overall and remake of faction's gameplay. We've already tested it once during the second part of the campaign, with a few mistakes.

But some units of my Dark Legion army became far more interesting to field. So i decided to play an army almost only composed of new units i've never played before, and spare my opponent the presence of the dreaded Razides.

Previously, on Warzone: Roberto Feltordo, the Archangel, Icarus Jetfighter pilot for the Brotherhood, had crashed beyond ennemy lines on Mars. During the first act of the campaign, he was captured by the Dark Legion forces. Second act saw his Brotherhood brethren rescue him. Now to finish the campaign, the Brotherhood army must escort Roberto to a working Icarus landed nearby an ennemy base. If he succeed, he will be able to leave the place and give some shooting on the Legion before. My mission is to prevent that by killing him. Since we were a bit short on time we chose to not take a secondary objective, even if the main objective is extremely basic.





Brotherhood army:

1 Sacred Warrior custom Warlord with 2 Guardia Oblati

2 x 5 Sacred Warriors

2 x 5 Troopers lead by an Inquisitor, Roberto joins one squad

1 x 3 Inquisitors

1 x 7 infiltrated Mortificators

20160105_162355The Dark Legion:

Alakhaï the Cunning, Nepharite Warlord (named character)

2 x 5 Nécromutants (one squad is played with partially painted undead legionnaires to make it easier to recognize)

1 Necrobeast Rider

1 Praetorian Behemoth

1 x 2 Praetorian Stalkers with Scythe of Semaï HMG, held in reserve to use Rapid Deploy rules.

1 x 2 infiltrated Praetorian Stalkers with Reaper of Semaï

So i'm quite outnumbered here, but with several big guys. A good way to see what they have in stock.


Stalkers infiltrate nearby the plane Roberto must reach, forcing Mortificators to infiltrate far from it...


... And then redeploy on the other side of the plane, thanks to Alakhaï tactician abilities, letting them stay at good distance of the assassins but still close to the objective


Turn 1:

Since the Legion must prevent Roberto from reaching the plane in order to kill him, Alakhaï immediately summoned a Dark Symetry power: Call of Corruption. Any miniature ending its activation at 3ps or less to the black base can be injured. Combined with the Strategy Card Strangulation of Algeroth which makes any mini using more than one Action Point rolling for armor, the Brotherhood will start by walking slowly and cautionnously.



In the mean time, Necromutants get in the ruins to have good line of sight on the plane, and even draw first blood by killing a Trooper. Stalkers are blessed with a Genetic Reconstruction, a Gear Card which improves their already great armor.



Hidden in the woods (lower right corner), Mortificators disappear in the Void, waiting for the best time to strike the ennemy to the heart.

Les forces de la Confrérie sont ralenties par les pouvoirs de la Symétrie Obscure...

Turn 2:

Alakhaï takes position close to the Jetfighter, decided to slaughter anyone fool enough to come, et summons again the Call of Corruption. On the same time, the Behemoth receives a Dark Blessing, a Gear Card improving its psychic defenses, highly useful against the powerful Brotherhood Psychics, and unload his ammos on an Inquisitor.


But the Inquisitor endures the shooting without sufferins any injuries, and then he and his brethren proceed to the execution of a Stalker. The second Stalker engages the Sacred Warriors in an attempt to block the Brotherhood front line.


Counting on the Call of Corruption to kill several Sacred Warriors, the Necrobeast Rider charge on to them to start the killing job. Unfortunately, none of its attacks will manage to pierce their awesome defense.


Since the Necrobeast is well handled by the Sacred Warriors, the Mortificators get out of the Void and take good position to storm on the Legion.


Several Necromutants are shot down by the Brotherhood forces.


And suddenly, everything falls. Forgetting to protect Roberto, the Brotherhood forces are not ready for the attack of the Stalkers storming from another dimension. A young Trooper tries to protect the pilot but is swiftly killed, before Roberto himself get cut in two parts by the Scythe of Semaï HMG

20160105_175033Turn 3:

The Brotherhood answers to the death of their pilot with a zealous fury. Stalkers responsible for Roberto's death are slaughtered by the Inquisitors right away.


And Sacred Warriors slay down the foolish Stalker who thought he could stop them alone.


On the other side of the battlefield, their brothers are tearing to pieces the Necrobeast Rider, losing one them to the Call of Corruption.



Although victory is his, Alakhaï must now try to survive to savour it. He engages Mortificators, but their fury seems to know no limits, and the assassins manage to dodge almost every attack, losing only one of them to the hand of the Nepharite.



Remaining Mortificators not charged by Alakhaï destroy almost every Necromutants on their way with their Blessed Frag Grenades. The Behemoth decides to get in the game. However, disappointed by its Decimator Handcannon, he chooses to reap off some part of the building to bury the assassins under, killing one of them.


Elite troopes of the Brotherhood are ready to claim vengeance upon Alakhaï the Cunning...


Turn 4:

... But most end up smashed under a rain of rock! Reacting quicker than everyone, the Behemoth reap off two big chunks of building with his four arms and smashes a Guardia Oblati, two Troopers and hurt an Inquisitor with it.


Unfortunately, it is not enough to save Alakhaï. Although the Nepharite endures combine assaults of the ennemy Warlord and his bodyguard, he ends up with the Mortis sword of a Mortificator through his back. Once again, the Brotherhood assassins honor their reputation of ultimate predators.


The behemoth will also end up dead, attacked by the remaining Mortificators but mostly shot by every weapon the Brotherhood had. Their forces don't hesitate to kill the brave Mortificators by friendly fire, determined to kill the beast whatever the cost. Someone will surely pay for that later...


We decided to stop at this point. Most of the Dark Legion forces are dead, but i still won by the objectives thanks to Roberto's death.

The game itself was great. Obviously not thanks to the scenarios which is extremely basic (you may say plain stupid..), far too hard for one side and easy for the other (and it could have been easier if i played Razides, who can shoot from far away without allowing any cover). Yet it could have been harder if Plum had been more careful with Roberto. He forgot to stick him with enough allies to take shots for him, and neglicted Sentry actions. But let's be honest, having to shoot one poor guy to win is just foolish. That's why we kept the game going after his death, we never counted on him to make the game last ^^

Nevertheless, we were able to see new units in action. Alakhaï the Cunning, former stupid close combat too expensive machine, is now quite cool: affordable (220 pts), tough (good armor, 5 wounds, ignore first wound each turn), he also have fun skills and a Psychi power. Not invincible, as every Warzone characters, but a good surprise. I'll enjoy fielding him in the future, which is good news since the new miniature is really beautiful and so will join my collection.

Behemoth is also playable now with its price downrised to 220 pts, and he is very funny to play with. Yet i'm still not sure if he's worth its points. His shootings are far from being as dangerous as its cost would mean to you. He probably deserve a second test though, since his close combat abilities seem interesting too. Maybe a good use of both is a way to use him. We'll see.

However, close combat Stalkers were as disappointing as expected (see what i did here ? ^^ ). Shooting version with Rapid Deploy is extremely expensive, but at least put pressure on your opponent big time, and are outrageously effective against heavy and expensive vehicules. Yet their effectiveness depends highly on your cards, since their dreaded flamers are effective only against vehicules, unless you draw the good card to bring death to infantry. Long story short, i'm still not sure they are worth the points.

On the Brotherhood side, we mostly took pleasure seeing Mortificators in the heart of action. Since their grenades are highly boosted against Legion, they usually just bomb away. This time they draw their swords to take the head of a Nepharite, much more serious! The ending against Alakhaï really surprised me, it was a very epic and cool moment.

Inquisitors are still great. Tough, hard hitting and versatile as hell, they may be the nastier unit in the army in my opinion.

Sacred Warriors are still good with their impenetrable armor of 14, but they are not the death roller they were with their 2 wounds. Cost was reduced to reflect that, but it is not the same unit any more. I think it is better this way, since they are only humans and basic troop unit after all. Moreover, they still hit hard and are more resilient than most.

Question remains about Guardia Oblati. Great caracteristics and skills, but still we never see them doing anything in particular. Feels like it's a very complicated unit to play effectively.

With this renewal of the army rules, Warzone is an even better game than it was. I find it very satisfying as a SF game in 28 mm: not  too many minis, but yet some, big things, little things, strong rules and great universe and background. Nothing to grow tired of at the moment.





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22 novembre 2015

Some old that is new and some new that's getting old

ok so two new painting miniatures for today. Not my personal best but surely not my worst right ?

First things first, the Oldhammer Goblin limited edition. This miniature was kindly sculpted by Kevin Adams and casted by Bryan Ansell's factory to celebrate the Oldhammer Day. Thanks to JB (see Leadplague on the blog list on the right) who had the mission to give some to local oldhammerers, i earned the exquisite pleasure of receiving one to remember my very humble (yet extremely pleasant) involvement in the first French Oldhammer Day that took place at the beginning of Ocotober 2015.

It's been a bite more than a month now, so i had to paint it, just to show how thankful i am. Here it is:




I had no real idea about what to do with him so i tried the funny way, by having my Goblin trying to become some Clown Prince of Crime.

To be able to paint his hood in green (as a reminder of the green hair of the Joker), i had to put some other colour on his face. So i tried to make him have some white make-up over his green skin.

I must say it does not look as cool as i imagined. Mostly because i'm not very happy with the green of the clothes, otherwise i quite like his face.

A very nice miniature i was very happy to paint, and i'm very thankfull for being able to have one.


Now on to a miniature i have since quite some time but that's linked to some far more recent game: Warzone Resurrection

This miniature was made by Prodos Game as a limited event only product. By far not the best of their sculpt, but one must admit it respects fully the old original artwork that inspired its sculpt.

mutant-chronicles-rpg-the-brotherhood-sourcebook-22-638Very 90's right ? Well the miniature is too with its huge pants, but that's part of the fun about it. Now meet my Roberto Feltordo, Icarus pilot of the Brotherhood (oh and don't bother for the white goo you may see under the grass and flowers, it's the PVA glue, pictures were taken right after i finished :p)






Yeah i've put a bit too much dry pigments on the pants and base...

Funny thing was the little red lines on the sides. Those lines are useful gamewise to know where is the back and the front of the miniature. Yet it was the first time i made some (because it is damned ugly!), so i had some trouble putting those right ^^

Anyway, the great thing about this miniature is that it came with its full own campaign! Special missions to play with it as a crashed pilot that must be rescued or captured. Now that it is painted we're gonna play this campaign with my local Warzone friend. He plays Brotherhood and i play Dark Legion so it should be really cool.


And that's it for today ;)



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06 novembre 2015

The Way of the Necromancer: Final Episode

It's finally time to talk about my trip in the city of Lyon for one last time.

Quick reminder: i've been at the Octogones 2015 convention in Lyon to be part of the first french Oldhammer day.

However, two buddies from my gaming club were also going at the event, to dispute a tournament of the long-dead all-father of modern skirmish games: Confrontation, by Rackham.

I was quickly seduced by the opportunity of finishing my Necromancer trip in a tournament of another dead game during the night. So i decided to be a part of it with my favourite army: Dwarves of Mid-Nor.

After a whole day of gaming (and drinking..), i had few hopes to score much. Furthermore, i'm not much of a tourny player and i don't play this game much. But the real deal was to share some great time with lovers of this old and utterly awesome miniature range, and i was not disappointed as the general mood was just great.

With one victory over 3 games, i did better than i thought ^^ Being 15th among 22 players, i was able to win a prize in the form of the legendary Wolfen Pack Leader: Kilyox! A miniature i still had not and wanted, never thought i could obtain it this way.

Moreover, the great JB (see leadplague blog on the right) bring us some official Oldhammer Goblin, straight from UK!

And finally, Bruno offered a pair of the dices he sells through his own webshop. Don't hesitate to check it since he is selling some original Oldhammer goblins and shields sculpted by Nico based on the Lichemeister's army we've played with on the morning.


28mm miniatures for wargamers and collectors - Games & Miniatures | Via Ludibunda

Exclusive range of miniatures, scenery and accessories for roleplayers and wargamers !

So, a great day and night, and loot! What's more to ask for ?


Now how about talking about miniature painting, hm ?

Let's go back to the Confrontation tournament. I've started painting them again after many years because of another tournament organised in my gaming club. Some parts of the army were not finished, and i was looking forward to painting some others. So i started painting them again. Unfortunately, everything was not done for the tournament. But tonight, it is finally finished! Pictures time!

A quick brief about the army in case you don't know them. Dwarves of Mid-Nor are dwarves corpses, whom organs have been removed before their skin is stitched together back, and then possessed by a demon. They are supposed to be all connected to an ancient cthonian divinity called "the Despot", a god-like Hydra living under the foundations of the world... Get out of this body Lovecraft, i command you!

My army leader is called Kelzaral the Devil. It's a quite nasty priest. Walking on small creatures called Reapers, he is quite imposing for a dwarf.

the little puppet in his hand may contain his own soul...

sorry, a bit blurry

P1020848Reapers should have been painted in various colours to make them more easy to identify and see all the details. Unfortunately i had painted them quickly in ocre to be ready for the tournament, so it was a bit dangerous to repaint them fully. I've chosen to simply try to highlight them as well as i could.

P1020849Ira Tenebrae; creatures Kelzaral can summon on the battlefield:



P1020857I don't particularly like those, but i'm quite happy with how they look, especially since i've painted the three of them in just an hour. A personnal best since i'm a pretty slow painter. Unfortunately, it took 3 seconds for one of them to lose an arm after living the box. Since it was already pinned, it was a bit hard to repair it. After two tries, i just put the arm in the garbage. Never let an object dictate its law to you!

Now those need a bit of an explanation. Many profiles were created for Confrontation without having miniatures to represent them. The next miniatures shown are one of them, and you may recognise them as part of the Scibor Monstrous range.

The process to turn a living Dwarf in a Mid-Nor Dwarf can theorically be applied to any living creature. From this idea came the Lost Ones. Humans killed, cut and possessed.




P1020854Although i love the concept and original sculpt of those, the final quality of the product is very low. Those are the first Scibor miniatures i've bought (in the same order as two other beasts i may paint one day), and also the last one. The resin itself is awful, details are badly casted, and it's expensive. I'm not trying to give me excuses here, but you may notice how crude the woman's arms are, like the hands of the hooded one. Big disappointment here, i'm happy i did not spend too much on those.

Now onto the main attraction of my army: the two towers!

I've first started to paint these for a previous tournament. Of course, i started painting them far too late, and so being in a hurry, i tried to finish them in time by painting them almost exactly the same, which is a same.

For this second tournament, i've tried to finish them, but once again far too late, of course.

I've finally took some real time to finish them properly. You can still see the PVA glue under the grass.

They probably could have looked better. Just changing the colour of the stones for one of them would have been better. Yet i'm quite happy with them. They took quite some time to paint, but these are truly insane sculpt, painting them was a real pleasure. I may paint a third one some time, just to try some greenish stone. It would be totally useless of course, a waste of time and space, but you know..

The white tower has a tentacle arm. I've bought it second hand for cheap with a missing arm so a friend of mine sculpted it. Thanks to this, i've noticed i need to improve my glaze technique....



P1020829Love those

Some more details:


Would you follow the White Rabbit in there ?

P1020831I don't know if the green suckers are an actual good idea, but it was impossible for me to not do some tribute to another famous tentacle:





And Barad Dur






I've painted every puppet statue as if they were not statue but actual puppets, in the same colours as the living puppets you can find on the other Mid-Nor miniatures. For me, one of the most incredible aspect of this miniature is that it seems to contain its own non-euclidian universe filed with life. Those puppets are living in the tower in their tiny houses, behind those small doors. Yet, on the first glance, it seems that you will only find a big and scary slug behind those stones.

Finally, the group shot. You can see more of my Mid Nor Paintings in the album of this blog:


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21 octobre 2015

Battle Report: Warzone Resurrection

I had planned that my next message would be once again about my Necromancer-trip to Lyon, but it was supposed to feature some miniatures i still hope to finish to paint before end of the month.

So instead a battle report about a quite modern game (well, still with the taste of the unlife in it considering the universe..) today, and my mostly unpainted army: Warzone Resurrection!

I've been playing WZR (yeah, that means Warzone Resurrection) since quite some time with a good friend of mine and accomplice in most of my gaming adventures. We both like very much the universe, the new miniatures and rules from Prodos games (and some of the old ones), and so we try to have a game every week since last spring. Today was one of those days of gaming.

WZR is a young game, having been kickstarted about 2 years ago. It lacks some little things you find in more developped games, but also includes some very innovative and unique mechanics which make us like it.

Unfortunately, in its early stages (i.e. when you only had the rulebook to play), the scenarios were mostly poorly written. A shame since the main idea was good: depending on the size of battle, you have a Priority Mission, a Secondary Mission, and a Corporate Agenda. When players are experienced they can of course choose to combine the three types of objectives in their games, disregarding the size of battle.

While Secondary Missions, and Corporate Agendas and quite simple, fun, and are really immersive (you can be asked to put in deliberate danger someone in your army because the entreprise you work for want to get rid of him - remember that in this universe you don't fight for nations but for Corporations), they don't combine well with some Priority Missions, and those are sometimes strange.

However, the good thing is that Prodos has released some time ago a document called "Diesel-punk tournaments", a very very good guide to organise WZR tournaments, which includes new scenarios. We've played them all, and it was good. Today we tried again one of the old scenarios, and the bad idea came with bad luck...

Priority Mission: Free for all

Each player choose secretly one of the three Objectives (red dices on the picture below) to be its extraction point, and then reveals it to the opponent. You win if in the end of turn 3 (or later) all your surviving miniatures are at 12" of the objective and no ennemy model is at 10". Why not ? Well here is why:

1. Armies are deployed in "Escalation" mode, which means your units arrive randomly on a randomly chosen board edge. So, basically, when your units are deployed far from the obective, having them killed help you win.

2. If both players have chosen the same extraction point, it ends in a stupid melee, which will be won by the luckiest player who will have more units deployed on the right side.

Anyway, we still whose to try this out.

My secondary mission was: retrieve vital intelligence hidden in one of the three objectives (a dice roll).

My opponent's (we'll call him Pulm) secondary mission was: secretly choose an ennemy squad commander and defeat him in close combat to capture him.

Pretty nice ones. A shame the priority mission is not up to it. Anyway, this is how it looked at the beginning after we rolled to know which units were there to fight on turn 1:

Red dices for objectives. Mine is extreme left, Pulm's is extreme right in the woods

My army list (1000 pts): Dark Legion

1 Custom Nepharite Warlord with improved RS skill and Nazgaroth HMG

6 Necromutants (played with undead legionnaires today) with Plaguedealer

6 Necromutants (played with old metal Necromutants) with Plaguedealer

2 separate Razides with Nazgaroth HMG

2 Necrobeasts Riders

2 Praetorian Stalkers

Pulm's list: The Brotherhood

1 Custom Sacred Warrior Warlord

5 Troopers lead by an Inquisitor

5 Troopers lead by an Inquisitor

5 Sacred Warriors

7 Mortificators

3 Inquisitors

2 Guardia Oblati (first outing)

Turn 1:

I had the initiative so i activated the first Necromutants squad on the right and started to shoot at the Inquisitors right away. Even with a lot of bullets and flames, i had to ask the Razide to finish the job to only kill one Inquisitors. His battle brothers then killed several Necromutants as retaliation.

In the meanwhile, the Nepharite put himself on high ground to identify the objective markers as his Secondary Objectives (lucky roll) and shoot down the Mortificators squad commander.

Well done dude. Now everybody's seen youThat was nice, but after that (hm) heroic action, a squad of troopers were able to shoot at him, and he was nearly killed. I was counting a bit two much in my armor, but i just can't resist the temptation of having my warlord on the highest ground, defying everyone...

Turn 2: (well, other stuff happened, but i don't remember so it surely was not that important)

Sooo at the beginning of turn 2, my Nepharite run for cover, trying to hide between rocks and newly arrived Necrobeasts riders, which basically saved its life, even if the second squad of troopers lead by an Inquisitor appeared on the same board edge, and tried to murder him with its "Lasergun Ruby Light of whatever" spell. Sorry, no pictures of that epic Hide & Seek moment.

The Inquisitor Squad on the right casted a spell Called Fortitude of the Penitent which made them harder to kill (and they already are pretty hard, believe me). So my Necromutants started to run towards the main objective and tried to shoot them, with almost no effect. On the other hand, the Mortificator squad threw at them a lot of holy grenade (of Antioch ?), which nearly resulted in the annihilation of the squad. Why having such big swords when you have such powerful grenades ? Cowards...


Fortunately, the Praetorian Stalkers appeared in the back of the ennemy warlord and bodyguards, the dreaded Guardia Oblati. No random here, they came with a special teleport skill. Combined with a great Tactical card reducing the armor of the Guardia, they killed one, wounded the other and hurt badly the Warlord. Not bad.

The turn ended with the Necrobeasts storming over the troopers squad who tried to kill my Nepharite. The Inquisitor leader was quickly killed along with two of his friends.

"Don't mess with my dude!"

Turn 3:

The Sacred Warriors, last squad missing, arrived just in time to charge the Necrobeats. They destroyed one, and then we decided to stop.

"Time! Yeah, i know, sorry. See ya!"

We were quite disappointed by the almost impossible to fulfill objective of the scenario. None of us had any idea about how to play to try to reach the objective, other than simple annihilation based on pure luck on the deployment.

Maybe we missed something. I'll definitely look into it.

Still, always fun to play WZR, even if a bit frustating today.Yet, we deserved it quite a bit. When we rolled for this scenario, we should have changed for something else immediately, as we were both feeling there was something fishy with it.

Next time we'll go back to the "modern" scenarios which are very good, and maybe a small campaign based on the event only limited edition miniature of Icarus Jetfighter pilot, which came with its own scenarios. They can even be combined easily with Secondary and Coporate Missions for more scenaristic action.






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