ok so two new painting miniatures for today. Not my personal best but surely not my worst right ?

First things first, the Oldhammer Goblin limited edition. This miniature was kindly sculpted by Kevin Adams and casted by Bryan Ansell's factory to celebrate the Oldhammer Day. Thanks to JB (see Leadplague on the blog list on the right) who had the mission to give some to local oldhammerers, i earned the exquisite pleasure of receiving one to remember my very humble (yet extremely pleasant) involvement in the first French Oldhammer Day that took place at the beginning of Ocotober 2015.

It's been a bite more than a month now, so i had to paint it, just to show how thankful i am. Here it is:




I had no real idea about what to do with him so i tried the funny way, by having my Goblin trying to become some Clown Prince of Crime.

To be able to paint his hood in green (as a reminder of the green hair of the Joker), i had to put some other colour on his face. So i tried to make him have some white make-up over his green skin.

I must say it does not look as cool as i imagined. Mostly because i'm not very happy with the green of the clothes, otherwise i quite like his face.

A very nice miniature i was very happy to paint, and i'm very thankfull for being able to have one.


Now on to a miniature i have since quite some time but that's linked to some far more recent game: Warzone Resurrection

This miniature was made by Prodos Game as a limited event only product. By far not the best of their sculpt, but one must admit it respects fully the old original artwork that inspired its sculpt.

mutant-chronicles-rpg-the-brotherhood-sourcebook-22-638Very 90's right ? Well the miniature is too with its huge pants, but that's part of the fun about it. Now meet my Roberto Feltordo, Icarus pilot of the Brotherhood (oh and don't bother for the white goo you may see under the grass and flowers, it's the PVA glue, pictures were taken right after i finished :p)






Yeah i've put a bit too much dry pigments on the pants and base...

Funny thing was the little red lines on the sides. Those lines are useful gamewise to know where is the back and the front of the miniature. Yet it was the first time i made some (because it is damned ugly!), so i had some trouble putting those right ^^

Anyway, the great thing about this miniature is that it came with its full own campaign! Special missions to play with it as a crashed pilot that must be rescued or captured. Now that it is painted we're gonna play this campaign with my local Warzone friend. He plays Brotherhood and i play Dark Legion so it should be really cool.


And that's it for today ;)