It's finally time to talk about my trip in the city of Lyon for one last time.

Quick reminder: i've been at the Octogones 2015 convention in Lyon to be part of the first french Oldhammer day.

However, two buddies from my gaming club were also going at the event, to dispute a tournament of the long-dead all-father of modern skirmish games: Confrontation, by Rackham.

I was quickly seduced by the opportunity of finishing my Necromancer trip in a tournament of another dead game during the night. So i decided to be a part of it with my favourite army: Dwarves of Mid-Nor.

After a whole day of gaming (and drinking..), i had few hopes to score much. Furthermore, i'm not much of a tourny player and i don't play this game much. But the real deal was to share some great time with lovers of this old and utterly awesome miniature range, and i was not disappointed as the general mood was just great.

With one victory over 3 games, i did better than i thought ^^ Being 15th among 22 players, i was able to win a prize in the form of the legendary Wolfen Pack Leader: Kilyox! A miniature i still had not and wanted, never thought i could obtain it this way.

Moreover, the great JB (see leadplague blog on the right) bring us some official Oldhammer Goblin, straight from UK!

And finally, Bruno offered a pair of the dices he sells through his own webshop. Don't hesitate to check it since he is selling some original Oldhammer goblins and shields sculpted by Nico based on the Lichemeister's army we've played with on the morning.


28mm miniatures for wargamers and collectors - Games & Miniatures | Via Ludibunda

Exclusive range of miniatures, scenery and accessories for roleplayers and wargamers !

So, a great day and night, and loot! What's more to ask for ?


Now how about talking about miniature painting, hm ?

Let's go back to the Confrontation tournament. I've started painting them again after many years because of another tournament organised in my gaming club. Some parts of the army were not finished, and i was looking forward to painting some others. So i started painting them again. Unfortunately, everything was not done for the tournament. But tonight, it is finally finished! Pictures time!

A quick brief about the army in case you don't know them. Dwarves of Mid-Nor are dwarves corpses, whom organs have been removed before their skin is stitched together back, and then possessed by a demon. They are supposed to be all connected to an ancient cthonian divinity called "the Despot", a god-like Hydra living under the foundations of the world... Get out of this body Lovecraft, i command you!

My army leader is called Kelzaral the Devil. It's a quite nasty priest. Walking on small creatures called Reapers, he is quite imposing for a dwarf.

the little puppet in his hand may contain his own soul...

sorry, a bit blurry

P1020848Reapers should have been painted in various colours to make them more easy to identify and see all the details. Unfortunately i had painted them quickly in ocre to be ready for the tournament, so it was a bit dangerous to repaint them fully. I've chosen to simply try to highlight them as well as i could.

P1020849Ira Tenebrae; creatures Kelzaral can summon on the battlefield:



P1020857I don't particularly like those, but i'm quite happy with how they look, especially since i've painted the three of them in just an hour. A personnal best since i'm a pretty slow painter. Unfortunately, it took 3 seconds for one of them to lose an arm after living the box. Since it was already pinned, it was a bit hard to repair it. After two tries, i just put the arm in the garbage. Never let an object dictate its law to you!

Now those need a bit of an explanation. Many profiles were created for Confrontation without having miniatures to represent them. The next miniatures shown are one of them, and you may recognise them as part of the Scibor Monstrous range.

The process to turn a living Dwarf in a Mid-Nor Dwarf can theorically be applied to any living creature. From this idea came the Lost Ones. Humans killed, cut and possessed.




P1020854Although i love the concept and original sculpt of those, the final quality of the product is very low. Those are the first Scibor miniatures i've bought (in the same order as two other beasts i may paint one day), and also the last one. The resin itself is awful, details are badly casted, and it's expensive. I'm not trying to give me excuses here, but you may notice how crude the woman's arms are, like the hands of the hooded one. Big disappointment here, i'm happy i did not spend too much on those.

Now onto the main attraction of my army: the two towers!

I've first started to paint these for a previous tournament. Of course, i started painting them far too late, and so being in a hurry, i tried to finish them in time by painting them almost exactly the same, which is a same.

For this second tournament, i've tried to finish them, but once again far too late, of course.

I've finally took some real time to finish them properly. You can still see the PVA glue under the grass.

They probably could have looked better. Just changing the colour of the stones for one of them would have been better. Yet i'm quite happy with them. They took quite some time to paint, but these are truly insane sculpt, painting them was a real pleasure. I may paint a third one some time, just to try some greenish stone. It would be totally useless of course, a waste of time and space, but you know..

The white tower has a tentacle arm. I've bought it second hand for cheap with a missing arm so a friend of mine sculpted it. Thanks to this, i've noticed i need to improve my glaze technique....



P1020829Love those

Some more details:


Would you follow the White Rabbit in there ?

P1020831I don't know if the green suckers are an actual good idea, but it was impossible for me to not do some tribute to another famous tentacle:





And Barad Dur






I've painted every puppet statue as if they were not statue but actual puppets, in the same colours as the living puppets you can find on the other Mid-Nor miniatures. For me, one of the most incredible aspect of this miniature is that it seems to contain its own non-euclidian universe filed with life. Those puppets are living in the tower in their tiny houses, behind those small doors. Yet, on the first glance, it seems that you will only find a big and scary slug behind those stones.

Finally, the group shot. You can see more of my Mid Nor Paintings in the album of this blog: