Hello there

It's finally time to talk a bit more about the Terminator squad which assaulted master's Nico 3D Space Hulk board in Metz for the French Oldhammer Day that took place a few weeks ago.


Originally based on clear plastic to honor the gorgeous board made by Nico (check previous post), i've decided to move them on spaceship-like textured bases since they will probably never set foot on a classic battlefield. I've tried to match 1st Space Hulk boards colours, just in case ;)

The main goal was to only unique combination of weapons, in order to paint as much different stuff as possible and play a bit of everything. I did not manage to grab a Librarian in time, but i do hope to find one and make them up to 1 warriors.

Inspired by Nico's Blood Angels i wanted to have 3D chapter marks too. Since i don't have any sculpting skills, i molded good ol' Marneus Calgar shoulder pad. First time for me, not perfect but still fun, and i'm happy with the result, making them bulkier and balancing with the Crux Terminatus on the opposite shoulder.

20190415_200220It's the first time i paint Rogue Trader Terminators. I've discovered 40k in the last years of 2nd edition, and was always a big fan of this edition's Terminator armours. My first contact with their Rogue Trader counterparts did not convince me a lot by then, in the 2nd ed. rulebook, especially while i have my big 2nd ed dudes.

Once i had those in my hands, it changed. As usual with jes Goodwin it's a joy to paint, and i must say it's probably the most realistic version of the tactical armor. Their shapes are honestly convincing and i would even say anatomically plausible, much more than their heirs (not to mention the plastic things..). Besides, their poses reflect very well the claustrophobic environment of a Space Hulk and have some dynamic. They are also the most covered in skulls that were ever made. Ever.

And most importantly, they are the best secured version of all Terminator armors: each has a big "emergency exit" at the top of it, so that anyone can release the marine from his armor if needed, isn't that great ?!

Big red "emergency exit!" swith on the top, how great!

Now about the paint. Obviously i went full red and warning stripes with them.





P1090677Back when i was a kid, this captain was the stuff of dreams but was already out of production as i discovered the last days of 2nd edition. To my knowledge it's the only miniature featuring the little lasers on the fingers (don't know the english name) that were talked about in various books and equipment cards... Even if he does not wear an helmet, he's face is still equipped to survive zero-g corridors of a wrecked ship, making him fully credible in his job unlike later made marine sergents.

Also, i was genuily thrilled to find the markings on the Crux(cruxes ?) of both him and the sergeant, since they are direct reminder of the rewards you could get in Space Crusade, another gem of my youth.

The sergent armor has had his emergency exit swith removed due to bad molding. This way he has to free his brethren before himself, safety first!

Special weapons:





I planed to give a Chainfist to my Assault Cannon holder since the very beginning of this little project. This gun is famous and powerful, there was no way i would let it be stopped by a mere door! I'm very happy with my choice as i find it visually apealing and it proved very helpful in action.

The Cyclone launcher is not a classic Space Hulk weapon. I for myself don't see any issue in firing rockets in a drifting ship, i'm not responsible for Hybrids not wearing helmets!





P1090691Close Combat Weapons:




P1090687Although going close combat does not seem like a great idea when exploring a Space Hulk, i wanted to have a few melee specialist to avoid playing only with overwatch mode. Glad i did, since they are both powerful and fun on the board. You can even make the Hammer explode in a suicide attack with same effects as the heavy flamer!

It was also an occasion to discover that the lightning claws dude had a specific body scupted only for him, with reinforced armor and special decoration. Don't know why he got that and not the other...

And that's it for today. Maybe one of these days i'll add a Librarian, time will tell.