Now some halt during the Warzone Resurrection world campaign for some commercial cross-over with a taste of old stuff!

I've always loved Ninja Turtles. After several discussions on various medias about 41st millenia of early days, i had been thinking about a Rogue Trader warband based on the Space Zoats range. Since they are mutant (everyone is kind of a mutant in this universe aren't they?), warriors reptiles, their affiliation with the shelled knights was pretty obvious.

Since 2015 and its French Oldhammer day, i had hoped to cross path again with the folks i had met. This year a trip to eastern France allowed me to go to Metz, French's heart of the oldhammer community since several years.

That was the perfect opportunity to build the Teenage Ninja Mutant Zoat warband!

Since i have absolutely no sculpting skill, i tried to build the identity of the band through colours. Restraining my choice of colours with only the specific ones of each member, i hoped to make the identity of each one obvious. Obviously the miniatures' details could have been painted with more variations, but i wanted them to be easy to recognize. That's why each one has his equipment in one colour, his skin another, and the three Zoats share same shells and torsos

Let's have a look:

April O'Neil:

Since Ninja Turtles as well as Rogue trader are children of the punk era, it seemed fitting to give April an Escher body. This Juve has not a lot of details which allows to focus on her yellow outfit, white boots and red hair, her personnal distinctives features in the cartoon. The miniature has a rather simple set of weapons that still look brutal. It sure made me think about painting more old Necromunda stuff....








This old Skaven Chief with his robe was perfect to embody the old Master Splinter who only wears this kind of clothes. Conversion is very simple, i was not sure about the power claw since i wanted him to look simple like in the comic book, in which he only has a wodden stick and martial prowess. However, keeping the club was too much of a reminder of his Warhammer Fantasy past for my tastes. Bionic eye and power fist sure give the 40k feel. Not so much of a light stuff, but hey, he does not have any gun!











in the comic book, he's the most daredevil (see what i did here?) of the gang and a fierce warrior. Only Leonardo and Splinter can truly match his skills and he does not need much provocation to attack.

For these reasons i gave him the Zoat miniature with the most close combat oriented weaponry. His huge power fist and full helmet give him a menacing aspect, even the flame thrower is a short range gun and he's the only one wearing armor. With such a helmet one can suppose his attitude has already cost him...











The youngest of the gang, yet just as brave and skilled as the others! He's the only Zoat with face uncovered, which may imply he's suffered less from battles. His twin weapons also reminds of the TMNT of old.










Being the brain of the gang, he's probably the creator of his brother's weapons. He has a highly advanced weaponry and even a massive and complex helmet. In the Nintendo video game of old, he was the turtle with the longest reach so it seemed fair to give him long range gun.









But then, where is Leonardo ?! Well, Citadel did produce a fourth Space Zoat, but he's very simple looking and only bears a single pistol with two hands, a bit silly. Happily, Knightmare Miniature produced a Zoat that wouyld fit perfectly for Leo since he has both close combat and ranged weaponry, reminding Leo always seek balance in its martial art, just perfect.

Unfortunately, i never received it. i guess i'll have it in the mailbox one day, but a bit too late to have fun with his brothers...

To support the team, my TMNZ bring a robot controled by Donnie, baptised Metal Head for the occasion! Painted in 2015 for my first Oldhammer adventures, it was nice to give it a second round.

Finally, Casey Jones was embodied by the US Oldhammer miniature and came supporting his green friends..


 And so the mighty JB made us play a scenario of Rogue Trader on a magnificient board. TMNZs crossed path with Squats, harlequins and many NPCs and mutants. Ork metal band, demonic incursion and webbers of death were all here to bring a lot of fun.






The last Rainbow Warrior is not easy to impress...





"Get lost, fugitoid!"




For more details, pictures and tales about the game and the whole week end, check Leadplage, JB's awesome blog:

Oldschool gaming and a french Oldhammer Event !

Those last 2 weeks have been pretty packed with hobby in all its forms, from painting to modelling and even more gaming ! I've played a great number of games of all kinds from old to new, quick to long, small to large and all were simply brilliant !

After those adventures, our Rogue Trader guide invited me to share the command of his Chaos Renegade army against Nico's Eldars and Goulven's Auroras Space Marines in a game of 40k 2nd edition.

back in 2015, JB and i were leading an incredible looking skaven army were cunningness, panache and violent sillyness. In a few minutes the army list was set and full of exciting and abusing stuff ("let's put two dreadnoughts!" ; " oh and a level 4 sorcerer of Slaanesh!"), of course in the spirit rule of cool ("and a lot of terminators" ; " i want to play all my beautiful riders!")


In 2nd edition, the Vortex grenade is not always well perceived by others. But can you really blame us ?

"hey it's in the rules, i can do it!"

Well, our strategic skills were not at best and to say we were utterly victorious would be a bit of an exageration. However, we did kill one of the two leaders (our objective) thanks to our superior and totally cheesed magic, so...

After those high notes, Goulven, a forgiving guy, initiated us to Battletech and its light version Alpha Strike.


Although quite different, both systems are a joy to play. To have a guide through the rules was really great and helped us see wht the game potential was. A matter i'm willing to dig more in the weeks to come...

aren't those cute ?

And that's it.

I'll finish by inviting you to (re)check Nico's blog. Although he invited us on the event, i did not have time to see the whole Warhammer Fantasy game he was organizing. yet, to see its incredible miniatures once again in real was pure joy.

Realms of Chaos

But I want to share a last thing with you. During the Oldhammer day 2017, a man named Gof came to us and gave us a small box of miniatures. Approximatively 30 Chaos models : Slaanesh Champions, Bestmen, Greater demon, etc.. For FREE!! He gave without expecting anything in return.

One last big thanks to all the gang who made this moment what it was.

Nice people... And blurry too


Pictures of people and battles courtesy of JB Leadplague ;)