We're on fire!

Another new game of Warzone Resurrection set in the world campaign. This time, Brotherhood and Legion are going at it again.

The story so far:

The Brotherhood has let Legion escape with a human traitor working on Mars for the Symetry. Their failure has allowed a massive assault against a Mishiman biodome on Mars, fortunately under protection by the Doomtrooper Valerie Duval and the troops of Bauhaus. While we still don't know if Valerie will survive the wounds suffered, the Brotherhood has spotted the retreat point of Legion forces that had captured the Mishiman soldiers. In hope to finally discover who's the traitor hiding among mankind's forces, the Brotherhood is surrounding the Legion forces to make them talk!

Today's game is a 500 points one and an occasion for my opponent to give a try to Visionnaries and Fury Elite Guards. I for myself have tried to make a versatile and fun list.

We rolled for the F.U.B.A.R. scenario. Pulpum's secondary objective is Inspiring Leadership and i've rolled Ammo Dump once again.

Legion army:


Necromutant leader


5 Heretics with Invoke Frenzy

5 Necromutants


3 Nasca Razides with Ashnagaroth

2 Necrobeasts Riders.


The Brotherhood:


Gaetano Hyginus Romanov with Sacred Supremacy and Spiritual Resilience


5 Holy Sentinels with Might of Reckoning and Sacred Supremacy

5 Holy Sentinels with Might of Reckoning and Sacred Supremacy


2 Fury Elite Guards with Cleansing Light

5 Visionnairies with Cleared Path

What are those cards ?...Legion army surprised by Gaetano's arrival along with Sentinels and Fury Guard

So strange....


20180307_204409Necromutants try to escape with their Centurion to some mysterious destination with support of the Nasca Razides... Maybe a Dark Citadel has arisen nearby ?

20180307_204417Barking orders, the Centurion sends the Heretics activate the self-destruct devices...

you had it coming!.. Forgetting to tell them it will explode to their faces! Another soul sacrified to Algeroth!

Predator approves this!Razides and Necrobeasts quickly slaughter a full unit of Sentinels, preparing for the inevitable arrival of the Brotherhood reinforcements.

20180307_223048Razides and Heretics try to fall back, but hey are hunt down by a Fury Elite Guard.

20180307_231030While the last Sentinels are outright killed, the Fury Elite Guard ends all hopes of escape the Legion had..

20180307_232520... And Necromutants are under the Visionnaries fire. The Centurion is filled with lead while Necromutants retaliate too late to save their leader.

Game reaches its end on a 5-0 in favor of the Legion: i've fulfilled my secondary objective while none of us has enough units to make the primary. My body count is 226 while Brotherhood's is 355.

The scenario was fun, much better than its V1.X iteration (which was our very first WZR scenario played!). Fury Elite Guard are absolute beasts that i'll have to learn to handle in the weeks to come...