A new game of Warzone Resurrection set in the world league just took place in Bordeaux. This time Bauhaus answered to the invading Dark Legion with my friend Drong to lead them.

The story so far:

John Baptiste, a Bauhaus traitor is sabotaging Manking's defenses from the inside while the tide of the Symetry surges on the solar system. After allowing the forces of the Legion to set a trap to Mishimans forces to ascquire sensible datas, he managed to hide his identity to the forces of the Brotherhood, decimated in their attempt to save mercurian survivors.

Now John has been joigned by two powerful Nepharites among which is the infamous Angel of Mercy. Datas obtained through horrendous torture from Mishimans prisonners allowed John and his allies to locate a biodome made of Mishiman tech essential for food production on Mars. Legion forces storm to destroy the farm, but Valerie Duval answered the call, ready to fight the armies of the Dark Symetry once again.

In this scenario, players must gather ressources in the opponent side of the table. Each ressource token remove a ressource card from the opponent pool, making him weaker. Two tokens give 5 victory points, 4 give 10 points and end the game, all in 5 turns at most. Moreover, 3 tokens are placed in the middle line for secondary objectives. When reached, a dice roll determines if it is the right place to retrieve the objective. Bauhaus search biological data while Legion is here to plant a bomb and make it explode. The game was set quite in short notice, hence the amount of unpainted stuff i brought. The Angle of Mercy is an old Warzone character. Loving the miniature, i played it as a Golgotha because i wanted to give her a try, and i hate the official modern version.

deploymentArmy lists are displayed on the campaign website:


Mission: Ressource Gathering

Bauhaus secondary: viral intelligence

Dark Legion secondary: Ammo Dump

DSC03772Having spotted Algeroth's army, Bauhaus troops have secured the are. While two Etiles Mortant units are marching in the forefront to protect local ressources, Venusian Rangers being the second line to cover the arrival of the heavy troops and Blitzers.

DSC03773(Up) The Angel of Mercy and his Razide team storm with their Mule transport tank toward the Rangers positions. The Razides' Heavy Plaguedealer melt down several Blitzers while the Angel opens up a dark portal among the Rangers, forcing them to run from it to save their lives. Nevertheless, the missile launcher specialist destroys the Mule tank and manages to slow down the ennemy assault. Decided to end them, the Angle teleports himself right between them to start the slaughter.

Valerie Duval appears in the flank of the Razides decapitates one of them and almost guts the other out.

(middle) Etoiles and Blitzers bravely exposes themselves to the Nasca Razides shots to protect local ressources. They suffer heavy loss, but Bauhaus' finest are determined to fulfill their objectives.

The Vulkan war walker then runs to the middle of the battlefield to try to stop the Nepharite who's dangerously closing to venusian infantry.


Despite the loss of its vehicule, the Angel of Mercy assaults the defensive line of the Rangers, while Valerie cuts her way through Razides to get a chance to murder the Demon.

DSC03775After killing several Bauhausers, the Nepharite charges the Vulkan battlesuit and cuts it in two parts in one single swing of his monstruous Azogar Chainsaw, in front of unbelieving venusians.

DSC03776Only a few of Algeroth's Undead Legionnaires remain to take on Mars ressources, but the destruction of the Vulkan by the hand of the Nepharite could make Bauhaus flank breaks.

DSC03774Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield, Mankind's hopes are exhausting when Valerue Duval's bones are suddenly broken by a berzerked Razide. An Etoile Mortant runs to the beast to protect the body of the Doomtrooper and prevent it to go assist his master.

DSC03778The Angle of Mercy kills the Rangers one after another, but the Venusians are fighting back. Although the demon could escape the melee should he wanted to, having those crackshots in his back would be far too dangerous.

DSC03781While the Vulkan's broken form is still warm, a brave Juggernaut pilot activates his powered mechanical legs to charge the Nepharite. He may not be up to the task of killing the creature who's been laughing at all the shots aimed at it, but he does not hesitate nonetheless: all know the Nepharite has finally spotted the hidden ammo dump that would allow him to destroy a big part of the vital harvest.


John Baptiste finally leaves his hiding, right in time to understand he's failed. Although Bauhausers have suffered heavy loss, they've won enough time to save most of food production. Forces of the Dark Symetry abandon the field while Valerie Duval broken body is taken back the headquarters in hope to save her from the terrible wounds suffered in the hand of the Razide...


Game finished on a victory for Bauhaus, 10-0, accomplishing their primary mission in 5 turns but not the secondary one. My army list clearly lacked polyvalence to answer the amount of infiltrated units idealy placed to cover the objectives. I almost reached my secondary mission that would make my score a much more satisfying 5 (combined to my high body count score), but i made a big mistake on my activation order in the end of the game that made me failed it. Still have the satisfaction of having a Nepharite being very mean through all the game, saving and healing almost every hits and shamelessly breaking the Vulkan.

Another great Warzone Resurrection game!

And so, a few pictures of my friend/opponent Drong/Florian almost fully painted army (which was not the case of mine, making the victory even more deserved). Note that it's made of a few old metal miniatures among modern stuff.