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To bring back some life to this blog, instead of last month paintjobs, let's talk about games.

Warzone Resurrection is an awesome Syfy Heavy Metal game in the awesome Mutant Chronicles setting. Unfortunately the game is not that known, and very few people play it in France. Yet, the spanish community is extremely active. With several tournaments hosting quite a lot of players, they should be blessed with an official translation in the months to come.

Anyway, the great spanish guys have organized a world campaign that should go over the whole year! In this purpose they've designed an AWESOME website containing a full stellar map of the Solar System with locations of every armies and so on. Truly incredible work that you check check below if you like organized and campaign play

Home - Warzone Resurrection - Conquest of the Solar System League

Introducing Conquest of the Solar System Warzone Resurrection League

Truly professional work.

This being said, me and my main WZR opponent obviously registered, and we plan to play at the very least 2 games of WZR each months. We've both chosen to fight for Mars' ground, and here is the first (and short) batch of pictures with a battle report:

Mission: Human Ressources - 6 civilians are to be reached and secured back in the deployment zones in five turns.

Army size: 500 pts

Dark Legion Secondary Mission: Inspiring Leadership: Army Commander must kill at least 4 wounds (or be closer than anyone else to any ennemy)

Brotherhood Secondary Mission: Communications Relay: one miniature must secure the highest ground on the battlefield

Due to the first results of the campaign, my army (Dark Legion) has several small advantages with a bonus on the first initative roll and in close combat.


Somewhere on Mars...

Since the Dark Legion has started to hammer the surface of Mars, Mankind has tried to organize the counter attack despite the several losses it has suffered. But Corporations still quickly forget the infernal threat when an opportunity to expand occurs and Mishima would love to be able to deploy durably on Marswhile Capitol fights. A young and rich man called John Baptiste offered its service to help the Mishiman army gather some ressources on the soil of Mars in an area unknown to Capitol. It quickly became obvious that it was a trap set by the Legion! The Mishimans were slaughtered and only six escaped. An emergency call was sent but the Legion managed to cut it out before any sensible data was sent. Now the Brotherhood has quickly deployed to rescue the survivors and learn from them who might be an agent of the Symetry hiding in Mars cities. Unfortunately, John Baptiste has undead friends, and he surely would love to learn more about Mishiman wereabouts on Mars should he be able to capture the poor men alive....


The Brotherhood deploys in Mars' rocky mountains. The giant cat is probably Algeroth himself gazing upon his foes


John Baptiste hides behing the mountains, making calls and selling Brotherhood assets throug Dark Symetry Network to weaken their chain of command in preparation for the battle to come.


Meanwhile the Necromutant Leader of the army prepares the Razides for the battle. Once again, the masterworks of Valpurgius should prove worthy against the sacred warriors. Heretics advances towards the Mishimans survivors, ignorant of the what's hiding in the shadows.


The dreaded Necrobeasts Riders boosted by the Symetry quickly capture two Ronins, charging boldly in front of the Witch Hunter Frederickson and his Inquisitors.


Striking out of the Void, the Mortificators charge the Heretics, determined to protect the Mishimans warriors.


Also they quickly slaughter the human traitors, they are quickly shot down by the tremendous firepower of the Razides' Ashnagaroth HMG.


On the other side of the battlefield, a zealous Heretic captures a Ronin in an attempt to show his bravery to his Apostle, while the Necrobeasts Riders bring back the prisonners to submit them to horrendous tortures in the Necrochambers...


By the end of the day, two Mishimans have been captured, a third will probably end with his comrades, while the three others are dead. Witch Hunter Fredrickson, alone among the dead bodies of his fellows, can only hear the screams of the damned souls he was not able to save. No one will ever hear about John Baptiste treacheries, and he'll be back to business at the office by tomorrow morning...


So with 6 victory points to 0 (3 for each civilian secured, no secondary mission were completed, my Necromutant leader never managed to make that fourth wound), it's a victory for my Legion army. I was very lucky that we had this mission since my Necrobeast Riders could very quickly get a grisp on the targets. Although they were then slowed, it was a big advantage for a start. The big mistake of the Brotherhood was the Mortificators charging out of the Void just in front of the Razides in Sentry.

Mars needs help now!

 Sorry for the blurry pictures, lights were not good. We'll try to do better next time.