I remember last year me saying to a few gaming club buddies "2016 will be the year of the Cult for me". A pious vow i would, as usual, not fulfil of building a Cult army for W40k 2nd ed.  In the meantime Games Workshop was mocking me by surprisingle releasing this old army...

If the new version of the Cult has found a logical success, the Patriarch will always be for me that fatty 'n threatening beast shown in this beautiful artwork i discovered first in the mythical Codex Imperialis.


So out with the modern and clean computer sculpted post 2000 monsters. Beasts born before internet are much more of my taste.

I finally managed to paint a good old Patriarch from the Rogue Trader days. He's now part of quite a crazy project that may the the sunlight this year, but let's not get too excited with that, i generally never managed to finish such projects. Especially since i've planed more boardgame painting on my immediate schedule. We'll see where we go with it, by now, let's just name him Krang...


P1060580Nice golden necklace hu ? ^^





"You chose the wrong door, punk!"


And that's it for today!