Sooooo.. Well.... Erm...

It's been a year, yeah. Perfect time for some big update! Without any further explanations, here is what was painted during second half of 2016 and beginning of 2017:

by chronological order, the first to come is a Dwarf. Sculpted by the mighty Oldhammer agent Nico (Realm of Chaos blog, check on the right and go) and produced by Bruno Galice (from the miniature company Via Ludibunda) only for the French Oldhammer Day that took place in 2016 in the city of Metz. I should have shared this a while ago but, better late than never right ?




P1060076The colours were chosen to remind of the Squat i had painted for the first Oldhammer Day in Lyon where i meet Nico. We had a great time altogether so i wanted it this way.

Squat engineer and robotI like to think that this Dwarf has found some particularly funny dimensionnal portal... Check him with his mate:

P1060091Quite a fast paint job but very entertainning nonetheless. Mornegueule Brisedent, as he was named by his fathers, is a great looking mini and i had a blast with it. Thanks again!

Now, something far more recent:





Although i don't feel anything but coldness for the Age of Sigmar setting, i like this Magician Ogre from the new Warhammer Quest a lot. yet, i wanted to make him look more brutal and so chose to replace the magic skull of his magic wand with the blade of a minotaur axe. The long staff with the single edged weapon make it look very crude. However, the rune carved in the steel combined with the runes on the back of the Ogre and his fiery hair may reveal a magic potential. It's the first time i try something like these scarifications on the back. I don't know if people understood at first glance that i wanted it to look like fiery runes on a burned back, but i took pleasure doing it and like the result so it suits me.

Next part is a big one. Before last summer i've played in the first franch Warzone Resurrection tournament. As usual, i've started to seriously paint what i planned to play a few days before the event. I managed to go to the tournament with an army looking alright but yet far from being done. Several units have only basecoats and most still needed a few highlights. No varnish, but dry pigments on the bases were put to make it all look alright. Yeah, i was scared.

The tournament was great, really fun with a top notch group of players. I had the honour of receiving the painting prize, rewarding greatly my paint-rush, thanks again guys!

I've finally taken time to finish all these miniatures and can share it with the whole world shamelessly

Let's start with a troop of Heretics:




P1060039Official Prodos miniatures, a group of weak humans from a local sect adorating the apostle of War, Algeroth. In exchange for their devotion they usualy receive the whip, bullets from the Brotherhood, and sometimes a magic trick, like the dude in the center trying to focus his hands on some power. Nice sculpts, but i'm not really happy with how it turned out. They took me a good amount of time for a result i feel underwhelming. I got a bit bored in the end and you can see it on some details. I've even broken a finger on the guy on the right and only noticed after varnish! Yet they look ok enough to not ashame the whole army, that's it then.

Second troop then, the Sacristans:


P1060053I needed a second squad of Heretics, but i don't like to multiply the same miniatures in an army and Prodos only produces the unit seen before. I jumped on this excuse to recycle an old unit of Sacristans from previous Warzone edition. They are also humans from a satanist sect with low quality weaponry, fully compatible with the Heretics. That helps make the army look grounded in the background of the universe with people who like it and vary things a little bit. Colours chosen are based on the official artwork that depicted them back in the days:

sacristansDespire (thanks to ?) their 90's look, i like them a lot and had a lot of fun painting them. I think guys i played with in Paris were quite happy to see them back on the field too so full house!

Let's jump on to the elites, with the infamous Razides. I wanted two units because they bring massive pain and are known by every Mutant Chronicle lover. A monstrous vicious mass of muscles with skin of iron, oil for blood and massive guns, who would not love them ? Prodos produces a unit of three, and one alone sold separately or in starters. This is by far the ugliest, with a gun sold during the kickstarter as an add-on that is totally out of scale. Yet, he's here too. To help differenciate them on the field, i've painted a squad of old Razides in the classic red and purple scheme with their famous Nazgaroth assault rifle, and a unit of new kids in the blue and yellow Nasca Razide uniform armed with Ashnagaroth rifles.

First unit:



P1060048On the left stands the first Razide Prodos ever made with his out of scale gun, in the middle and right two old metal Razide miniatures. They go at war bare ass because that's what heavy metal was like in the 90's!

Second unit:





These recent sculpt by Prodos are simply awesome. As fun to paint as the old metal ones, fully respectfull of the original concept, bulky and nicely detailed.

Razides are great, period.

Now on to the monsters, with the Necrobeast Rider:



P1060062Another kickstarter era, Prodos early days sculpt. Back then they had not their mastery of 3D sculpt and you can see it. Details are not always thick enough, lower jaw of the beast did not fit well with the rest of the maw, the sword is too thin and the neck of the rider has an unatural stance you try to hide by choosing which heah to use among those available. Nonetheless, it's quite cool on the battlefield.

Next monster, the Praetorian Goliath:




P1060066Gigantic guy with a gigantic scythe followed by an small vicious and deadly imp. The mini itself is cool and i like to paint big guys. Problem is, you can't help but feel like the Prodos uys just sculpted it in regular 32mm scale and sized it up fully when you see the humans skulls suspended on it, having the size of an actual full grown human. Instead of feeling the power and size of it, you feel like a toy from another dimension has landed on your battlefield. Shame. Also, if i had more time back then, i think i would have tried to replace his scythe because i don't like it, which you can tell since it's painted with only a few drybrushes while i've worked more on everything else on the mini.

Last but not least, the big boss:



That's it, the actual leader of this invasion force is this punk. In its first version, the game allowed you to create your leader based on any type of unit in your army, rpg-style. So i could use this old Target Games heretic miniature as my leader. I love this guy. With his ragged purple jacket opened on its muscled body, his yellow gloves, the dirty knife and the red cock-shield protecting and showing his manhood, he is really the perp who thinks he's finally making it, while he's obviously just a puppet. He spent the whole tournament hiding and yelling at his troops. i really hope he can be back on the field on day (the new version of the game prevent him too right now). He even had a haircut with Algeroth symbol, hooligan style!

P1060051And that's what the whole gang looked like, with John Baptiste joining them (previously shown on the blog)


Next project is still about Prodos products, but this time Aliens:




P1060072Sorry for the poor pictures... Anyway those are my first Aliens. It's mostly a test since i don't want to spend too much time on them, so washes washes washes, it works quite well on this. It was also my first attempt at making goo, body fluids and various juices with glue. You can tell by seeing how messy it has got on the bases. Doesn't matter, that was not the point. It's quite tricky but still funny, i have to work on this to make the goo thicker, i suppose... Don't know if i won't remove some though.

And finally, my first miniature for the boardgame Kingdom Death: Monster



P1060085You may not know about it, but this miniature comes from a very peculiar boardgame. It takes place in a world of horror where players control (more or less) the destiny of a group of survivors who will have to fight terrible monsters. Players can then craft gears with theremains of the monsters fought to equip their men and women. The game provides enough stuff to create any combination of gears, and there are numerous. Some try to magnetize everything to be able to change everytime. It's a bit crazy but i wanted to give it a try and here is the result.

P1060088So our friend is dressed with the skin and teeth of one of those Sunstalkers...

sunThe red bow has been scavenged from this lady though

makoBut i won't say more about it, since a big part of the pleasure of this game is to unravel its mysteries...


And that's (finally!) it for today! See you next time, hopefully before next year! ;)