Finally the first 2016 painting... That was supposed to be the last of 2015 :(

Anyway, here is my version of Psycho Sam. This miniature was produced by Copplestone Miniatures, paid by the US Oldhamer community. Their tribute consisted in a miniature who could take place in the punk future version of Warhammer 40k, the very old Confrontation, ancestor of Necromunda. The mini itself is in "true 28mm". Still great fun and looking.

US Oldhammerers were kind enough to send some in France, and thanks again to JB, it was then sent to some of us old grumpies.

After several thoughts, i had decided that my Psycho Sam would be a tall black skinned guy, with worn blue jeans and red leather to obtain a nice contrast. Unfortunately, the verminous JB shot first, and had painted it black skinned with red and blue clothes! Don't check his blog it's not worth it.

LEADPLAGUE: Psycho Sam ! The Oldhammer Punk.

I'm really glad to present you this model right here. If you don't know the model, it's quite normal as only people who attended Oldhammer events in UK, USA and France (maybe some other countries too) had the opportunity to get it (Extra special thanks to Airbornegrove for sending us frenchies some to celebrate our first french gathering, you truly are a gent sir).

Although he pretended there could be more than one black skinned punk in the 41st millenia, i just could not do the same. So finalement i chose to make him a native amercian, as a tribute to the land the mini came from.

So i found a nice tutorial about red skin, and add a few thunder shaped tatoos, to make him The Thunder! Inspiration came from the video game Killer Instinct.

Still as tribute to the US, i gave him yellow knee and shoulder pads, like Judge Dredd.

Inspired by the recent view of a video tutorial from Mohand, i tried my first double primed (black then white) painting and first quick NMM.

Well, in the end, i don't feel like the skin is looking very "red", nor that my NMM is good ^^ But does not matter, i'm quite happy with the final look.

Thanks again JB, and all the people who allowed us froggies to have this miniature.





And now i guess you're thinking my Thunder just met the wrong Caped Crusader...


Yeah... I know....