First 2016's posting on the beginning of February... Yeah i know...

Well then, first battle with Warzone: Resurrection! It took place quite some days ago and several events happened since, so my memory is a bit blurry about it. I'll try to do my best.

1000 points game, Legion VS Brotherhood, as usual now. I wanted to play again the Behemoth and try the miniature of the Lord John Baptiste. Second miniature painted in 2016 (pictures coming).

John is an actual living human. A trader guy who nicely works for his corporation. Unfortunately our friend John is a traitor to manking. Algeroth has seduced him by giving him some useless powers to overcome his everyday work, girls etc, and as payment for his loyalty the dear John makes sure the corporations' assets are falling.

Gamewise, it gives us some imp-level fighting skills, who will strike on the opponent's ressources. Very funny and quite a pain in the ass.

My usual opponent brought a muscled up army. The Brotherhood has access to very resilient and cheap units, all gathered today in an optimal group:

Warlord Inquisitor Hamilkar

Lord Crucifier

2 x 7 Sacred Warriors

2 x 3 Inquisitors

1 x 7 Troops

1 x 5 infiltrated Mortificators

Strong army list. Impenetrable armor everywhere. Many polyvalent inquisitors and a powerful Warlord. If he wanted to be nastier i think the only thing he could do would be to drop troopers and Crucifier for a Judicator. Anyway, i had been warned.

I for myself was coming with this:

Warlord custom Ranged Nepharite

Lord John Baptiste

2 x 5 Necromutants

2 x 1 Razide with Nazgaroth

1 x Praetorien Behemoth

1 x 2 Rapid Deploying Praetorian Stalkers

I knew it was gonna be hard, but i wanted to try. Let's just say it, it was a complete punishment for the Legion. My mate was very lucky and i was not at all. But anyway, let's send in the pictures!

Scenario is "advanced base" in which we have to secure the central objective. We roll the same secondary objectives, and so have to identify one of the three objectives point as one more to secure (random stuff). Objectives are represented by a black round base on the pictures.




Turn 1:

As usually, first turn is mostly about the Brotherhood running under my shootings, while Mortificators slip in the Void.

A Razide manage to shoot a Sacred Warrior Squad leader, saved by the sacrifice of one of his dudes.



Meanwhile the Necromutants shoot down several Troopers hiding Hamilkar.


A squad of Inquisitors kills several Necromutants. Through the expense of Ressources and the use of their powers, they can increase ranges and strength of their weapon and benefit from Aim actions on all their shootings (instead of only the first). Cost a lot of Ressources but potentially devastating.



Nepharite and Behemoth take position. The monster receives a Dark Blessing to protect him from Psychics (which is a mistake, this card only works on Troops and Support, not monster)


Turn 2:

Several epic moments in this turn...

Considering that the Sacred Warriors upcoming are not an immediate threat, the Necromutants shoot down several Troopers, pinning the squad, and identify the objective as the secondary one to secure.



My Nephartie casts the Call of Corruption (black base with silver drawing). The Sacred Warriors run toward an objective token both to try to fulfil secondary objective and run from the Call of Corruption and death. Behind them, Hamilkar gets out of his shelter to use his considerable powers on the Legion. He's at range, he's got several valuable targets... But he rolls 20. Fumble, no more actions for this turn. Consequently, a Razide sends a bullet to his chest, he had it coming!



On the other side of the board, the Stalkers rapid deploy to try to slaughter the first Inquisitors squad, well aligned and ready for the flaming punishment to come. But a catastrophic scattering bring them in the very corner of the table. Whatever, they'll use their weapons in machine gun mode to be at range, but despite 8 shots, only two wounds are made. They are swiftly destroyed then by the inquisitors' squad who stayed on the rear of the army to protect it. Thank you, xoxo, bye bye.



While the Crucifier makes his way, the Behemoth reaps off chunks of wall and throw them on the Sacred Warriors, without dealing any damages..



And one of the Necromutants escorting John Baptiste is shot by whoever


Outing from the Void, Mortificators shoot several Necromutants, reducing the squad to two members. The Crucifier, for the sake of it, shots the Razide with his toy-like guns. A beautiful pair of 18s on the armor rolls allow the creature to remain in pain with one wound left.

The not hurt by the Stalkers Inquisitors unload their ammos (and ressources) on the Nepharite who also ends up with only one wound remaining.

Turn 3:

We both know it's over. We secretly write down what we think will be left of the Legion at the end of the turn, and here we go.

It starts with the Necromutant squad leader, who put himself close to the Sacred Warriors and unload his Plaguedealer on them, only to see the deadly weapon hurt nobody. Obviously not inspired at all by their chief, the others are not able to deal a single damage. Immediate punishment and charge: Necromutants are slaugthered, except for John Baptiste who survives thanks to another fumble... Until a Sacred Warrior from the second squad grabs him, putting an end to his career. Watching this, Troopers manage to rally while their moral was extremely low...


The Nephartie finally uses his gun and finishes off the two wounded inquisitors. Mortificators simply bomb away the Necromutants with a rain of their grenades. One of them had his grenade explode in his very hand, but managed to dodge it (can someone explain ?). Two other throw them without aiming obviously, having them bounce.. straight on their target! Damned ninjas, always ready for the fun. Despite the whole blue pyjamas circus, the Necromutant squad leader will manage to avoid death and run.


Somebody finishes off that big useless Razide, and the Crucifier charges the Behemoth in the back. Bonus accumulation allow him to hurt the beast despite his natural resilience. Very excited, i tried a special attack that would have allowed me to throw him away, and maybe shoot him hard then. Unfortunately, even that is taken from me with a new failure on my CC test...Next time i'll simply punch...


Sacred Warriors in the ruins join the fight (except one occupied with John Baptiste), but don't manage to kill the beast.


Considering the carnage, we decied to stop. Game itselft was quite funny, but dumb. I really lacked luck and my opponent was lucky as hell.

Nevertheless, John Baptiste was as funny as expected. I stupidly made him join an advancing squad, while he obviously does not need to. His role is to hide in a corner, if possible nearby a Razide-buddy, and make calls to eat the opponent's ressources. Today Brotherhood had a lot, so it was not that useful, but it is still quite a pain.

This game also saw the coming back of the Crucifier. His recent point cost reduction makes him playable, and that's cool, because the miniature is great.

On the other hand i feel like Inquisitors are quite too cheap. 10 points more would not be a steal and they would still be great. Their stats are very strong: hard, tough, powers, shoot as well as warlords and great skills. Ferocious unit, maybe a bit too much.

But Inquisitors and luck did not win alone. My army list was poor. We'll see what i'll try next time..