So it happened, on the 4th of October, i was in Octogones in Lyon for the first French Oldhammer Day.


First thing first, several tables for several games were there. Some particularly inspirational. I would love to play a good game of Warzone (or any SF big skirmish) on those:

Surely designed for Infinity, this table must be awesome to play on


Then on to the Warhammer game. Vengeance of the Lichemeister for Warhammer 3rd ed. Nico hosted the game on a beautiful table with awesome sceneries he prepared, with his rather famous incredibly looking miniatures.

It was my first WFB 3rd game and one of my first full story driven miniature game. Nico prepared it with a lot of passion, and before the start of the game each faction had a personal briefing along with the general explanation of the rules.

It was decided that i and JB would play the Skaven, while Bruno and Benoit would play the undead forces. Nico and his friend Cedric were playing the monks defending the Abbaye of La Maisontaal and gamemastering.

No, we were not playing with some smoke-machine for scenery purpose. I just messed up the settings of my girlfriend's camera...

Nico told us we had some Skaven Drink we could give to both our unit at any moment in the game, with random effects but potentially lethal downsides. Something to use wisely with sharp timing. So while the undead force was being deployed, i whispered to JB's ear "let's make all our army drink this right now! Maybe they die, but who cares ? Moar power!" since i was very excited to see our ratmen become frenzied, full of hatred, or bloodthirsty enough to kill their own kin between two skeletons. When JB smiled and answered right away "i was gonna say that!" i knew we were going to be a good team. And the opened bottle of whiskey he brought for Nico had nothing to do with that.

The awesome undead army, lead by two awesome players


the monks and some angry hobbos, ready to send a lot of fireballs in our face (which they did pretty well)


Unfortunately, i took very few pictures. I'm pretty new in the blog thing and i was really in the game has we were all having a great moment of fun. Every player was very nice, there was a lot of jokes, drinks, laugh, drinks and discussions. Benoit and Bruno were very fair play with us, allowing us to consider we did not forget to put a leader with a good Leadership in our main unit to avoid our army to flee big time. We, of course, assured them we would never give them back such fair play, and we won. Haha! That's the Skaven way!


Nico's miniatures are absolutely stunning. He even found this spider-symbol that must be the Lichemeister personal heraldry since you can find it on several drawings concerning the necromancer. Nico is quite the detective for warhammer symboles since he had other tales to tell on the subject


Nico's minis are incredible. This guy is very strong in putting the light on the colours and that gives all his paintings a very unique touch. Makes me think of the golden age comic books in a way..

So that was for the first game of the day. A great moment of fun and gaming. But it was not over yet!


After a (very) small meal, started the Rogue Trader game. JB was the GM, and i played my Rogue Trader warband (shown in the previous post of this blog) against Nico and Cedric playing Orc Raiders.

My mission was to rescue some imperial pilots and the artefact hidden in their spaceship crashed in some slum area. Piece of cake!

"All right boys. Let's retrieve this artefact and the pilots for later questioning. Do it smoothly but firmly and be proud. The servo skulls are showing this operation on direct tv so no trash talk"

JB was a very funny GM. He played very well with my ability to forget i was not only in a miniature game, but also in some roleplaying game. I made mistakes that brought a lot of funny situations i don't regret at all. And there was a lot of offensive content in the game like whores, offensive Orks and so on. And i like offensive stuff (just look at the colours of my warband!)

"So, tell me again why exactly you've left this precious artefact alone in your crashed ship"

My team was quickly wiped out by the Orks Raiders but i must say my Inquisitor did pretty well and almost managed to save the day (and also ruined the day of several alcoholic orks, hookers and juves), but the Orks supremacy remained undisputed nonetheless.

"Boss you should really stop talking with these morons. i think we're in some serious trouble and could use some serious tactic"

What was probably the most epic moment was when two groups of Orks were routed by three creatures scavenging the spacecraft. I was happy that Nico & Cedric's force managed to come back in the game after that, but seeing some space-savage-halfling rout 6 hardcore greenskins was one thing i'll remember and smile about for quite some time.

"Breaking news on Skull-Direct Channel: Orks are pussies"

And so the day ended.. Or did it ? As we all had to leave after those fantastic moments, i for myself was awaited for the Confrontation tournament that would take place until 1 am !

But that's another story i'll tell later. Once again i'll thank all the people i met during this awesomeday and sure hope to meet again for more gaming and talking and opening beers with my belt buckle

Obviously not a picture i took myself... Which is quite normal since i'm on it after all..


Sorry for the lack of pictures and their poor quality. I was so "in" the game that i never really thought about it, just taking a picture from time to time.

But you can see plenty of pictures on JB's blog, Leadplague. Please have a go and i promise you a good laugh about this particular day:


LEADPLAGUE: Battle reports : Vengeance of the Lichemaster and Rogue Trader

Well it's quite unusual for me but for once I can tell you I managed to play with some those models I seem to paint for no other purpose than keeping my mind off of the utter non-sense of our world.