Tomorrow i'm going to the city of Lyon, where several people are organising the first French Oldhammer Day. Heir of the Oldhammer Day which takes place in the Wargames Foundry factory each year, it is finally happening in France, on a smaller scale of course, thanks to the Octogones Convention and a few very active French Oldhammerers.


As i could not be in the UK last summer, i did what i could to not miss this moment in France, and so it is happening!


On Saturday morning i will have the extreme luck to play The Vengeance of the Lichemeister original scenario that was published in 1986 to introduce the then all new race of the Skaven in the Warhammer world!

The host of the game is the pretty famous Nico whose blog definitely worth the visit:


Realms of Chaos

Here is the last faction of this adventure, the Chaos Ratmen, they're a new race and the scenario of The Vengeance Of The Lichemaster was their first appearance in the world of Warhammer. This group of Ratmen is led by a Greyseer named Gnawdoom, is also led by a character still known nowadays, the famous Throt.

If you've cliked on the link (if not, do it now) you realise i will play this legendary scenario with some of the best painted miniatures you can find on the oldhammer scene right now. Quite exciting.

That's for the morning.

In the afternoon, I'm gonna play a Rogue Trader game hosted by the other main spirit behind this awesome event:


My journey into the world of wargaming, Oldhammer and the art of being an old fashioned geek in this modern world.

But for this game, i'm not coming empty handed. I've painted my first Rogue Trader warband that i'm quite proud to show now.

My first Rogue Trader warbandQuite logically, the leader of the warband is an old school inquisitor miniature. The trick was to paint it with dumb colours without making everyone looking at him "space marine". I think it is not that easy with power armored miniatures, but i'm quite happy with how it sorted out. The yellow was chosen mostly for its shoes to give the feeling of old Renaissance boots, and was then applied in several areas for general coherency. I hoped to obtain a medieval aspect for the general miniature, which suits the monk-like hair cut and the 40k universe.

Inquisitor LazyusStill in order to break the uniformity of the purple/yellow armour, i've painted the power gauntlet in organic bone-like colours. i think it is quite in the spirit of the 40k universe to have an inquisitor bearing a weapon made out of the bones of some alien skeleton harder than steel by his fellows.

Which alien died to allow this dude to wear such a deadly weapon ?I love this plasma rifle, whose strange shape makes you wonder about its origins when you know how a plasma rifle is supposed to look like in this game.

Nice Plasma Rifle he ? A pretty nice miniature considering its ageThis Jokaero is an AT-43 prepainted plastic miniatures that i've repainted, Mentor Freezer. The plastic is soft, quite painful to clean up. So i've decided that the mold lines would stay and that i would paint it as if part of the miniature.

Jokaero I've been thinking quite some time about something stupid to paint on his t-shirt. Finally i've put an "i'm with stupid" message with an arrow pointing towards whoever stands next to him. I'm pretty sure he likes to stand next to the Squat engineer to mock his skills.

Among the Jokaero society, the size of butt is a feature of wiseness and powerMy inquisitor needed some sidekick, a young hardcore thug to bear the torch after the eventual demise of the leader. Despite being from the 90's range, this miniature embodies perfectly the "destroy" and "diesel punk" side of the 40k universe i love. With his thug face, his hooligan's club, he's quite the scumbag. Love it.

Scumbag - just love this dude

Offensive colours are the only way to goI wanted as many aliens as i could put in my warband, to make it look like some seasoned adventurers group, and a robot. So i've decided the robot would be the property of the Squat engineer, which was the perfect excuse to paint the over-cute power armored Squat i've had for years.

The OSL effect on the eyes of the robot is quite messed up, but it was my first attempt with this technique. I think the one on the Squat's helmet is better, or maybe just less visible ;)

Squat engineer and robot - aren't they cute ?It was also the first time i tried to make some lightining effect on a power weapon. The colors of the lighting sorted out pretty well, but its main shape is more like a christmas fairy lights than like an actual lightining ^^

Squat and robot from behind (whut ?!)


I've wanted to play Rogue Trader since a long time. Lacking players in my area, this was an opportunity i did not want to miss.

I took a lot of pleasure in painting those. Especially since it is a warband, a group of creatures united for a purpose but certainly not by any formal contract or army, so each one came with its gear and none is bearing a real uniform.

Please feel free to check my "Rogue Trader gallery" for more details about them.

So that's for the afternoon. And what about evening ? Well, right after the Rogue Trader game is finished, i'm gonna get my ass kicked in a Confrontation tournament! I barely know the rules and i'm not a tourny guy, but there are good chaps from my gaming club coming too for this so it was once again a great opportunity to paint more, and share a few laughs.

I'm afraid i won't have a lot of time for beer though...

Pictures of what i've painted for the tournament will come, but later, now i have to sleep before taking my plane far too early tomorrow. But every good necromancers look tired, are they not ?